​What If I ToldYou

What if I told you
That God was not going to give you all that you want Him to

That those you pray for may see death too
What if I told you

God expected something from you

To see the light that He has shown you to shine through

And not to represent it by tattoo
What if I told you

That God’s love is not earned by your preaching

Or that you are not saved by teaching

Or that love is not what Hollywood has you believing

And that there won’t be Game of Thrones or HBO when this life you will be leaving
What if I told you

God wants you to sell all you have now

To build a character worthy of the offered crown

Would that make you walk away with a frown
What if I told you

Not everyone is going to make it to heaven

That you need to get the oil now before hour eleven

That there is a first and second resurrection
What if I told you

That God won’t teach you lessons in prosperity

When your final exam is in poverty

That He won’t teach you self-pride and indulgence

When He needs you humble and in Him dependent
What if I told you

God made a way to save us from sin

Unlike the popular belief that He saves us in

That He saves us while we were in

But He has no intention

Of keeping us that way, once we submit to Him
What if I told you

You may not have to die for your faith

Instead, for you, it is live you have to face

A life sentence as a Christian
What if I told you

Would it make you turn away?

Would it put a hole in your hope and stay?

Would it poke a hole in your prosperity?

Would you still follow day by day?