To My Children Unborn

To my children unborn
Who from me by time are torn

Please forgive me
I only began to see
The leaves whither in trees
Triggering my tears to flow free
Is this what death does mean
For their fall I am guilty
Tear drop falls deservingly

If I could I would give me
That Our Father Heavenly
Would erase me
And make a race wholly
Undivided hearts Holy
But sin stains my chance to save you, my family
Woe is me
My hands are tied helplessly

But Father has promised me
When the time has come to be
He will provide Himself willingly
A Lamb without blemish see

I tried to stretch my mind to perceive
To grasp the restoration’s complexity
Yet, I who had communed with angels, was floored by simplicity
And I can’t conceive
The love He has for me
This, His Word, is my only plea
That He will rescue me
And all those who in trust believe

Daughter, when this letter you receive
I shall be resting, I believe
Yes, if you must please blame me
But thereafter consider my humble plea
To His Word cling faithfully
For in His arms lies your true beauty
For there is no other sight more lovely
Than Eve
Realising she is loved ferociously
And returning to what she is meant to be

Son, I hope to meet you on the resurrection morn
When this storm
That has slashed and torn
And ravaged before you were born
Will finally be o’er
When Eden will be reborn
Until then be strong, though battle worn
A man is not counted by the steel he has torn
But by the faithful trials born
Finding in His Word, a shelter in the storm
The tears for Abel still flow freely
But I know I will see him one day happily
For he bore faithfully
The robe of obedience, see

Forgive me
Is my plea
But even if you don’t
Promise me
You won’t be like me
And take for granted what was given freely


Your Dad, Adam


The Inmate

This world was once a cage
It’s bars cold with age
Old experience of sufferage
Clanging with the rage
Celebrating its advantage
Over the freedom of each inmate
The flightless birds awaiting sin’s wage

This world was once a cage
Iron and steel
Is not the only confined feel
On mind and time they put their seal
Choosing your each and every meal
If you are so lucky to have that meal
Depending on how with you they want to deal
Fantasy kept me from thinking this is real

This world was once a cage
Until I rose in repute
Cleverly picked my dispute
Took aim stab a shoot
Realise where to stash the petty loot
For which inmates will kill in pursuit
And so dance to the tune of my flute
Became a boss and the bars were my armour suit
Flightless but learned to crash land without a parachute
Jumping off the trees that had taken iron root
In this institute
Frost bitten, concrete stone was the fruit
Till these cells could not refute
And my conscience was made mute
Until the inevitable harvest did execute

It was not the comeback or expected revenge
Not the inevitable backstabbing friend
It was that my time had come to an end
“You are set free”, said the Warden
I had never felt so constrained by freedom

It scared me to be free
So used to being me
Behind bars that somewhere in the
Hardened concrete was the essence of me
I realise the meaning of free
Had changed for me

This was once a cage
Darkness had become light to me
And light I shunned blindly
I had made prison my security
So I forgot that eventually
The bars were ticking secretly
This life is just a prison see
And one day we will be set free
What of all I was meant to be
The walls were inside me you see
I bore the wrong cross
Now my steel gain is all lost
As now the light I see

*Many of us are focused on what a world we are given. Its unfairness bars us in. The injustices make us fume. And we have learnt to use the system to work in our favour. But one day we will find that the whole point of this pilgrimage was to live for the freedom to come. We had a choice the whole time. To either become the prison and build one within. Or to set our minds to the high calling and know that in the hands of God is the promise to be free, despite the bars all around me. Do not be conformed to this world but rather be transformed by the renewing of your mind. Learn The Truth, The Life, The Way. And He will set you free.

Let’s Play A Game

Let’s play a game

Let’s say
Song was a prayer
Break down lyric layer by layer
Who would be your god today
At whose feet would your petitions lay
What petition would your list play
Would you on your status, your worship display

Let’s play a game

Let’s say
Word you say was put your mother’s ear
What speech would you hold back in fear
Knowing you are in earshot of mother dear
Or would she rather have her ear shot clear
Off than have her heart by toungue be seared
Seeing your speech toward destruction is geared

Let’s play a game

Let’s say
Thought you had was put on live stream
Your private inklings to the sky beamed
How righteous would you now seem
If displayed unblocked on a timeline screen
Which 5 would you block if you were given privacy
Who wouldn’t you want to be able to see
Who doesn’t need to see the other me?

Let’s play a game

Let’s say
Body were invisible
Would you still fake a dimple
Or try hide each pimple
Or would you keep it simple
Would private and public you be the same
If you knew unseen eyes on you were aimed

Let’s play a game
Or maybe not
Song can be a brilliant prayer
And words can put mother’s name in danger
Every thought is minutely penned in heaven
And how we want to be seen won’t count for anything
But who we actually are
And Who knows that better than The Creator
Who sees the heart and knows each scar
Who knows our thoughts from afar
And yet loves us the way we are
But loves too much to leave us thurr

Let’s play a game

Let’s say
God loves you, just for today
Would you take up His offer layed
Just for today
Do all He would say
And not what others about Him say
Just for today
Though not a game
Would you play

It’s All Fun & Games

It’s all fun and games
Till somebody gets hurt

Nobody’s to blame
It’s just a little flirt
Afterall it’s all the same
Just chase up skirt to skirt
Play hard, get number and name
Kiss, tell, bed, bury value in the dirt
On to the next flame
Only remain is makeup on some shirt

It’s all fun and games
Till somebody gets hurt

Of relationships is this the aim?
To the world the Christian should be the invert
While they see playas and games
Christ sees an honest step heavenward
While they call love blind by name
Christ seeks by companion to shape the inward

It’s all fun and games
Till somebody gets hurt

Play with the flame
And you surely get burnt
But shelter your heart in His Name
A new heart of flesh let Him insert
The lustful flame He will tame
And in His armour you will be girt
He won’t awaken love to play a game
But awaken your heart to seek Him first

It’s all fun games
Get around like Olympic flame
Celebrated then ashes you became
It’s all fun and games
But you don’t have to get hurt

This world’s dating is seek and find
But this is not how God finds a bride
Courtship must start with, in Him abide
And He brings the companions side by side
With the intelligent goal to be husband and bride
It’s not boom, smash, oooo, bombastic collide
And it doesn’t have to be so to bring joy to the ride
Let God guide

It’s all fun and games
If you want to get vainly hurt
Till somebody picks His word

No Hi-Score

“I would have lost heart unless I had believed that I would see the goodness of the LORD in the land of the living…

“Leave my phone
Our mother would say
As we tried to hide away
That we had been at play
But her dying 3310 battery
Was the dead give away
That we had been at play
And “Snake” was the game
And what drove us to disobey
Was simply
To hear a certain sound play
A little shake
Then a joyful melody
That said to me
Well done
You played better than the last thumbs
That braved the disapproval of your mum
And the distractions overcome
You have the Hi-Score
You are the one

As crazy as it sounds
I think that left me bound
To expect the same sound
When trial came around
And I almost drowned
But my prayer was given sound
And He planted my feet on higher ground
Then I smile and look around
Not a beep, not a sound
After all we had endured
How could it be ignored
Oh. What a bore!
No Hi-Score!?

Sometimes it seems
That our lives are ateem
With fire and steam
Have the urgency
To want to see
Sights open up heavenly
After the trouble we’ve seen
And the temptation did flee
Despite the efforts of the enemy
But seriously
Not even a monophonic jingle of He Leadeth Me!?
I just want to know that He is proud of me

But then it dawns on me
What have I done really?
Did the duty
He has given me
Using the strength He has given me
Used the gift from His Spirit Holy
That He gave graciously
For I am completely unworthy
And even overcoming was Christ living in me
And knowing who I was, I can’t fool me
I know that’s not me
It’s Christ you see

There is no Hi-Score
Unless the cross of Christ you ignore
Coz if He be lifted up then all men are drawn
And He is the Victor like the sun at dawn
So hold the applause
The jingle can be put on pause
I am but a loved took with flaws
And yet He still says well done
As if I am His Son

“…Wait on the LORD, be of good courage and He shall strengthen your heart.”

Urgently Waiting

To be found praying
Working and watching

There is a conundrum
That in my head does drum
Ba Ra pa pa pa pum
And I am sure besides me it confuses some
We certainly know Jesus will come
If it were not so then a promise of return He would’ve made none
But in the mean time, what is to be done

I mean, do we just sit on our thumbs?
Do we wait for the pin to drop like a grenade bomb
Like we’re on pause now until we move on
Like dashers on their marks awaiting the sound of a gun
Or assassin ninjas awaiting the command of a Shogun

Or is taking over the world our main aim
Not like Pinky and the Brain
But to make our way into positions to sustain
And make policies that change the game

I don’t know to what God has called you
But this much remains true
God is God through and through
And He has a role for you

You see the big picture, don’t you
The world being taken by the besetting dark dew
But the light stands its ground and comes through
The Great Controversy ensues
Hoping that today, just one more could be rescued
Yes, always keep this reality in view
And this picture is made of brush strokes too
Or pixels too
If you like the more modern view

To be found praying
Working and watching

Tis not either or
Maybe an example we can’t ignore

Knowing that the shameful death was in His view
Christ did not cease to pursue
The task given today to do
Whether that was planing wood
Making yokes that for time withstood
Or being the good
In Nazareth’s hood
Everyday He would ask strength for the day
And from Him, a bright hope for tomorrow they could see

We say called into ministry
But it seems His life was a ministry
Don’t wait for the drama today day
Seek Him today and today and today
And the role of the fool, you won’t play
Found He will be, if seek Him you may
From filth, pray
Ask for a heart of purity
And He will show you the Way
Therefore, they may call you many names
But “double-minded” they cannot say
And let the pride of today
Be replaced with humility
Knowing, He knows better than me

“Instead of exhausting the powers of our mind in speculations in regard to the times and seasons which the Lord has placed in His own power, and withheld from men, we are to yield ourselves to the control of the Holy Spirit, to do present duties, to give the bread of life, unadulterated with human opinions, to souls who are perishing for the truth.”

The Broken Bride

From the get-go you could sense

This wedding had difference

The air was tense

Perhaps because of the essence

Of the three messages

No mistaking what the lesson is
Preached by the bridal party

The message is


God and give Him glory

Fallen is Babylon was the second’s story

Come out of her, don’t ignore Me

This is redemption’s story
Then they heard the party’s third clearly state

Beware the beast and the counterfeit he paints

Those who don’t heed, a mark of death awaits

But then here is the patience of the saints
And so now the saints

Did patiently wait
From the get-go you could sense

This wedding had difference
The best man was dressed

With no mind to impress

But his message he did stress

The kingdom is at hand. Repent

His cry like a voice in the wilderness
Then to everyone’s surprise 

Came out the bride

Broken and battered no make up could hide

In her stature or dress, no comeliness to find

On her face tracks of tears she had cried

From the broken promises of lovers who had lied

No white in her dress could you recognise

Who could possibly want this bride

What manner of…. Of….. Why?

She stands, waiting down the aisle

Who would want her,  she may stand their a while
Then the Groom steps out

So horrified no one could shout

He had been bruised and battered

Wounded and spit splattered

His body showed a heart shattered 
But in His eyes were eternal pools of love

Past the blood

Underneath the crown of thorns they had shoved

Was a gaze that went over and above

What we know as love
He stood at the top of the aisle

All eyes upon Him all the while

He looked at His bride and instead of smile

He laid down His life in a lifeless pile

You will miss Me but for a while

He said as He died
Who was going to marry this bride meanwhile

His blood poured down the aisle

His life without guile

Poured for this wretched child

She collapsed, groaned and cried

What wedding is this, where the Groom dies

And who would give Himself for such a bride

The crimson red reaches down the aisle
The blood touches her crumpled dress

And to the eyes a sight does bless

Light enshrouds and does caress

Slivers of gold about her mesh

Covering her from curious sight

And filling the venue in holy light
When the light dims and leaves a glow

Behold her true beauty does show

Her face, a beauty never known

From her heart streams of water flow

And her dress without wrinkle and white as snow
Then from the other end

The shout of resurrection 

The glory that did attend

Would your idea of reality bend
The sound of a rushing wind 

A voice like chariots and lighting

“I AM, I Live”
The Groom

His glory fills the room

He now stands tall

As if He never did fall

His eyes like fire

His feet like bronze worship inspire

His words like swords pierce the entire

Atmosphere and make worldly Majesty a liar

And on His robe’s thigh

This inscribed

KING OF kings (forget Mufasa things)

LORD OF Lords (forget the rings)
Melodic voices fly on wings

A victor’s song they begin to sing

Who is this King 

Of glory they sing 

Lift up your heads ye eternal gates

This is the King

His bride He awaits

No longer as she walks to Him
You behold the story told

You saw redemption unfold
From the get-go you could sense

This wedding had difference
Now you look at yourself

Despised the bride of infinite wealth

By what you saw and felt

And not by the price that He dealt

The promise He fulfilled 

And will see through till her complete build
Are you wearing the garment for which He foot the bill

Are you like one of the Virgins ten, sleeping still

Wake up! The time has reached its fill
The Bridegroom cometh!