Can My Angel Come

The question often is
What sin is in this
And for this
This little bit
Will I heaven miss
For this
Is there no forgiveness?
And we often ask amiss

The question often is
How far can I fumble and not slip
Can I lean and not tip
Can I myself please
And into the pearly gates squeeze
Can I flirt and kiss
Without falling into the abyss
And we often ask amiss

The question often is
And maybe the reason is
There’s no thou shalt not that and this
As in the specifics
Thou shalt only listen to acoustic
Did He say there is any sin in the greatest hits
Can I go see, take a few pics
I am not like the crowd I am amidst
And I will be home before six
No sin. Don’t get bent out of joint
I won’t lose my anoint
We are missing the point

Maybe a question to help get rid of the myth
Advice, a word, call it a tip
Before you pass on ground unfamiliar with
Ask the question real quick
Can I bring my angel with?

If you must, ask out loud
Your accomplice may answer if you’re too proud
Or if your ears are covered in doubt
This question may help figure it out

May their holy eyes
Be bruised by
The sight, the secnes, we thought were wise
Will their ears be bitten by the lies
Will they cover their head under wings
Will they outside be standing

When rather to you they would be ministering
Can my angel come in?

This should be our question
More than often
Not “is this a sin?”
But if in this activity I engage in
When The Spirit’s impressin’
And I ought in prayer to be listenin’
Will I say You’re botherin’
Yes, “is this sin?”
Is a good question
But more to be a Christian
That is, of Christ a reflection
Ask this when in doubt you’re in
Can I bring my angel in?

Angels are around you, and could your eyes be opened, you would behold them. Let your conduct be such that you will leave the impression upon every soul with whom you associate that a pure and holy atmosphere surrounds you. One vain word, one trifling laugh, may balance a soul in the wrong direction. Terrible are the consequences of not having a constant connection with God.



There is that space
That I would rather not face

Seemingly insignificant to most
But spans the difference between denial and boast
Uncomfortable because it squeezes between the posts
Of what I’d like and what is supposed

You would think it would be a marathon from coast to coast
Or the difficulty with which a doctroate has a mind engrossed
But the distance that has me froze
Is equal to that from palm to elbows

In reality
This distance is longer than the eyes see
And it haunts me
Because it chips away at me
And in order to change successfully
This distance is necessary
But it takes the wheel away from me
And its a move I must make deliberately

The distance I must defeat
Is between submission and retreat
Between the cross and self-relief
Between truth and what I’d rather percieve
Between my dream and His will for me
As the disatnce between cold and heat
Between heavens and the ocean’s feet
Between His will and my own heartbeat
Between escape and peace
I give to Him decidedly
And this ditsance, I can defeat
When I collapse the disatnce between my kness and feet

Roots & Fruits

Have you ever tried
Stopping the tears by
Drying your eyes
That only protects the make up applied

Like using an umbrella to stop rain
The effort is appreciated and has its place
Yes, it keeps away the water’s trace
But to stop the storm, it is vain

It is the same for pain
Don’t deny the fear or anger
To be the fixer or the strangler
Or bury it in the dust to remain
What you seek is The Healer
To one who knows you, you can be no realer
He knows every blot and stain

Have you ever tried
To kill a weed
By plucking its leaves
Any gardener who did that lied

So we tell her to wear this or that
But we didn’t dress her
In righteousness’ armour
Now she dresses to kill, but you she isn’t aimed at
What she needs is the Soul Filler
One who would hear her prayer
Stop seeking attention, we spat
When we never showed her the love she did require

Have you ever tried
To kill a tree
By plucking its fruit or chucking the seed
That only helps its presence go far and wide

Its the same with emptiness
You can move things around
You can pad the echoing sound
But something is missing like a bad game of Tetris

Only His peace can calm the stress
We must get to the root
And not go attacking fruit
He seeks the heart we attack dress
He seeks to open hearts, we digress
He seeks to heal, we say hide in shame
He seeks to put together, we seek to blame
He seeks to love, we attack names
He seeks freedom, we’re lost and we want for them the same
This is not a game

To get to the root He must go deep
To stop the rain He must call us up high
Yes, we might feel pain and we may weep
But instead of run we must draw nigh

Autocorrect Christians

You know these phones learn
After a time, by them, your character we discern

And so what would we expect
If Christianity is judged by predictive text
And your autocorrect

When you type Romans for instance
Does your phone say that must be “Romance”
Or say that’s obviously “womans” the way he is
Or it predicts to follow Romans with revenge like Nicki Minaj’s
Or does it predict immediate
To follow with 8:28?

When you type in Nicodemus
Does your phone say mistaken she must
That must be “no, i’m famous”
Naked or in the least Nicholas
Or maybe Nickelodeon
Toons more likely than scriptural names to be on

Forget Nicodemus
What about Jesus
It would predict Navas at best
At worst words that put the 3rd command to test
Or does it guess
“Is My Lord”, “Saves”, “The True Witness”
In predictive text

Does your autocorrect know Nebuchadnezzar
Or does it say that must be neighbour
Even “netted a trailblazer”
Because we can’t be talking scripture
Must be “profit see?”

Where Mark, Luke, and John
Come out as Stark, Skywalker and words you don’t wanna show mom
And you blush and say “I wonder where it learnt that from”
No, it was not all at one
But it picked your crumbs
Followed the tap of your thumb
And so you type Genesis and it says jeans sum
It comes out dumb

For every word will come up in judgement
Yes, every text sent
And it won’t be the pretended instant
But the trend to which your autocorrect is now bent
When they called them smart, there was the hint

You know, these phones learn
After a time, by them your, character we discern

Scary Thought

There is inkling scary
Hidden behind the nervous laugh emoji

That maybe
I need these filters to be me
That all those insecurities
I try hide plainly
On TLs, memes, and statusees
And the comments I reflect on thee
Is true actually
Of me
Though I try hide, saying proudly me
Or loving me
It’s kind of scary
But what if I don’t really
Know me

There is something we try bury
Because like the grave it’s quite scary

That maybe
The friendship we
Had drawn from so freely
Now that we walk separately
Was the
Whole thing fraudulently
All bathwater and no baby
Just maybe

There is a thought we bury
Because like closed closets, it’s scary

That maybe
When I forgave without your apology
And I said I set you free
Then i see you and the rise in me
Is that past anger but fury
Maybe in even wrath blindingly
It’s scary
I never forgave truly

There is a consideration scary
Like fate worse than death scary

That maybe
I gave my life to God fully
And I gave gladly
Not just the vices, see
But sacrificially
Of my dreams, my friends, and all of me
And they didn’t just call me
But said you’re doing it wrongly
And then by no wrong done by me
I have no reward for the world to see
Struggling, hands emtpty
Failure to launch, they say of me
And I look to Thee
Did You deceived me
Were they right and I had walked blindly?

Though these thoughts are scary
Let me address fairly

You are not filters and comments
You are God’s missive and sonnet
Friendships part
But this does not mean fraud from start
And has taught lessons to the heart
Neither does it require skewing names with darts
That forgiveness
Is a process
And not endless
Because you feel the heart stress
Don’t discount the progress
Plucking roots leaves a mess

And, Christian, ye
Carry on faithfully
For your trust unquestioningly
And your sincere obediency
Is valued more than jewellery
Like stars in His diadem, brightly
You shine in obscurity
Don’t let this world successfully
Suggest to thee
You have not walked blindly
The fire burns but will not kindle on thee
The waters rise but an Anchor is He
The mountains stand but He bids them leave
And gives you a path to walk freely
A righteous man falls but if on Me He leans
He will endure to sit on My throne with Me

The doubts are scary
But love overcomes fear, perfectly

To My Children Unborn

To my children unborn
Who from me by time are torn

Please forgive me
I only began to see
The leaves whither in trees
Triggering my tears to flow free
Is this what death does mean
For their fall I am guilty
Tear drop falls deservingly

If I could I would give me
That Our Father Heavenly
Would erase me
And make a race wholly
Undivided hearts Holy
But sin stains my chance to save you, my family
Woe is me
My hands are tied helplessly

But Father has promised me
When the time has come to be
He will provide Himself willingly
A Lamb without blemish see

I tried to stretch my mind to perceive
To grasp the restoration’s complexity
Yet, I who had communed with angels, was floored by simplicity
And I can’t conceive
The love He has for me
This, His Word, is my only plea
That He will rescue me
And all those who in trust believe

Daughter, when this letter you receive
I shall be resting, I believe
Yes, if you must please blame me
But thereafter consider my humble plea
To His Word cling faithfully
For in His arms lies your true beauty
For there is no other sight more lovely
Than Eve
Realising she is loved ferociously
And returning to what she is meant to be

Son, I hope to meet you on the resurrection morn
When this storm
That has slashed and torn
And ravaged before you were born
Will finally be o’er
When Eden will be reborn
Until then be strong, though battle worn
A man is not counted by the steel he has torn
But by the faithful trials born
Finding in His Word, a shelter in the storm
The tears for Abel still flow freely
But I know I will see him one day happily
For he bore faithfully
The robe of obedience, see

Forgive me
Is my plea
But even if you don’t
Promise me
You won’t be like me
And take for granted what was given freely


Your Dad, Adam

The Inmate

This world was once a cage
It’s bars cold with age
Old experience of sufferage
Clanging with the rage
Celebrating its advantage
Over the freedom of each inmate
The flightless birds awaiting sin’s wage

This world was once a cage
Iron and steel
Is not the only confined feel
On mind and time they put their seal
Choosing your each and every meal
If you are so lucky to have that meal
Depending on how with you they want to deal
Fantasy kept me from thinking this is real

This world was once a cage
Until I rose in repute
Cleverly picked my dispute
Took aim stab a shoot
Realise where to stash the petty loot
For which inmates will kill in pursuit
And so dance to the tune of my flute
Became a boss and the bars were my armour suit
Flightless but learned to crash land without a parachute
Jumping off the trees that had taken iron root
In this institute
Frost bitten, concrete stone was the fruit
Till these cells could not refute
And my conscience was made mute
Until the inevitable harvest did execute

It was not the comeback or expected revenge
Not the inevitable backstabbing friend
It was that my time had come to an end
“You are set free”, said the Warden
I had never felt so constrained by freedom

It scared me to be free
So used to being me
Behind bars that somewhere in the
Hardened concrete was the essence of me
I realise the meaning of free
Had changed for me

This was once a cage
Darkness had become light to me
And light I shunned blindly
I had made prison my security
So I forgot that eventually
The bars were ticking secretly
This life is just a prison see
And one day we will be set free
What of all I was meant to be
The walls were inside me you see
I bore the wrong cross
Now my steel gain is all lost
As now the light I see

*Many of us are focused on what a world we are given. Its unfairness bars us in. The injustices make us fume. And we have learnt to use the system to work in our favour. But one day we will find that the whole point of this pilgrimage was to live for the freedom to come. We had a choice the whole time. To either become the prison and build one within. Or to set our minds to the high calling and know that in the hands of God is the promise to be free, despite the bars all around me. Do not be conformed to this world but rather be transformed by the renewing of your mind. Learn The Truth, The Life, The Way. And He will set you free.