I Can Explain

“instead of singing in the shower”

Yes, I realise that the title is a little strange . But I can explain.

Firstly, I follow Christ, this makes me a Christian by title and label but I hope that it goes deeper than that… I live to try walk with God. I mention this for a reason I will explain.

You know how you can tell that someone is enjoying their shower time because you hear them sing. It does not matter whether they can hold a note or not, it just seems to come out and they really don’t mind how the people in the outside world feel about the tone, note or melody…. At least most of the time.

While others sing in the shower, I find myself speaking to God in the shower, or God speaking to me. Ideas come to mind, people, prayers, memories. And I find myself silent instead of sing in the shower. And so some of those thoughts come out here… for you. Because I believe God would see it as a waste of a git if He gave and I just keep.

Thank you for taking your time to read through any post or even this explanation.

By the way, I do not type in the shower. Neither do I write only after I shower.


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