There is that space
That I would rather not face

Seemingly insignificant to most
But spans the difference between denial and boast
Uncomfortable because it squeezes between the posts
Of what I’d like and what is supposed

You would think it would be a marathon from coast to coast
Or the difficulty with which a doctroate has a mind engrossed
But the distance that has me froze
Is equal to that from palm to elbows

In reality
This distance is longer than the eyes see
And it haunts me
Because it chips away at me
And in order to change successfully
This distance is necessary
But it takes the wheel away from me
And its a move I must make deliberately

The distance I must defeat
Is between submission and retreat
Between the cross and self-relief
Between truth and what I’d rather percieve
Between my dream and His will for me
As the disatnce between cold and heat
Between heavens and the ocean’s feet
Between His will and my own heartbeat
Between escape and peace
I give to Him decidedly
And this ditsance, I can defeat
When I collapse the disatnce between my kness and feet


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