Can My Angel Come

The question often is
What sin is in this
And for this
This little bit
Will I heaven miss
For this
Is there no forgiveness?
And we often ask amiss

The question often is
How far can I fumble and not slip
Can I lean and not tip
Can I myself please
And into the pearly gates squeeze
Can I flirt and kiss
Without falling into the abyss
And we often ask amiss

The question often is
And maybe the reason is
There’s no thou shalt not that and this
As in the specifics
Thou shalt only listen to acoustic
Did He say there is any sin in the greatest hits
Can I go see, take a few pics
I am not like the crowd I am amidst
And I will be home before six
No sin. Don’t get bent out of joint
I won’t lose my anoint
We are missing the point

Maybe a question to help get rid of the myth
Advice, a word, call it a tip
Before you pass on ground unfamiliar with
Ask the question real quick
Can I bring my angel with?

If you must, ask out loud
Your accomplice may answer if you’re too proud
Or if your ears are covered in doubt
This question may help figure it out

May their holy eyes
Be bruised by
The sight, the secnes, we thought were wise
Will their ears be bitten by the lies
Will they cover their head under wings
Will they outside be standing

When rather to you they would be ministering
Can my angel come in?

This should be our question
More than often
Not “is this a sin?”
But if in this activity I engage in
When The Spirit’s impressin’
And I ought in prayer to be listenin’
Will I say You’re botherin’
Yes, “is this sin?”
Is a good question
But more to be a Christian
That is, of Christ a reflection
Ask this when in doubt you’re in
Can I bring my angel in?

Angels are around you, and could your eyes be opened, you would behold them. Let your conduct be such that you will leave the impression upon every soul with whom you associate that a pure and holy atmosphere surrounds you. One vain word, one trifling laugh, may balance a soul in the wrong direction. Terrible are the consequences of not having a constant connection with God.


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