Roots & Fruits

Have you ever tried
Stopping the tears by
Drying your eyes
That only protects the make up applied

Like using an umbrella to stop rain
The effort is appreciated and has its place
Yes, it keeps away the water’s trace
But to stop the storm, it is vain

It is the same for pain
Don’t deny the fear or anger
To be the fixer or the strangler
Or bury it in the dust to remain
What you seek is The Healer
To one who knows you, you can be no realer
He knows every blot and stain

Have you ever tried
To kill a weed
By plucking its leaves
Any gardener who did that lied

So we tell her to wear this or that
But we didn’t dress her
In righteousness’ armour
Now she dresses to kill, but you she isn’t aimed at
What she needs is the Soul Filler
One who would hear her prayer
Stop seeking attention, we spat
When we never showed her the love she did require

Have you ever tried
To kill a tree
By plucking its fruit or chucking the seed
That only helps its presence go far and wide

Its the same with emptiness
You can move things around
You can pad the echoing sound
But something is missing like a bad game of Tetris

Only His peace can calm the stress
We must get to the root
And not go attacking fruit
He seeks the heart we attack dress
He seeks to open hearts, we digress
He seeks to heal, we say hide in shame
He seeks to put together, we seek to blame
He seeks to love, we attack names
He seeks freedom, we’re lost and we want for them the same
This is not a game

To get to the root He must go deep
To stop the rain He must call us up high
Yes, we might feel pain and we may weep
But instead of run we must draw nigh


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