Autocorrect Christians

You know these phones learn
After a time, by them, your character we discern

And so what would we expect
If Christianity is judged by predictive text
And your autocorrect

When you type Romans for instance
Does your phone say that must be “Romance”
Or say that’s obviously “womans” the way he is
Or it predicts to follow Romans with revenge like Nicki Minaj’s
Or does it predict immediate
To follow with 8:28?

When you type in Nicodemus
Does your phone say mistaken she must
That must be “no, i’m famous”
Naked or in the least Nicholas
Or maybe Nickelodeon
Toons more likely than scriptural names to be on

Forget Nicodemus
What about Jesus
It would predict Navas at best
At worst words that put the 3rd command to test
Or does it guess
“Is My Lord”, “Saves”, “The True Witness”
In predictive text

Does your autocorrect know Nebuchadnezzar
Or does it say that must be neighbour
Even “netted a trailblazer”
Because we can’t be talking scripture
Must be “profit see?”

Where Mark, Luke, and John
Come out as Stark, Skywalker and words you don’t wanna show mom
And you blush and say “I wonder where it learnt that from”
No, it was not all at one
But it picked your crumbs
Followed the tap of your thumb
And so you type Genesis and it says jeans sum
It comes out dumb

For every word will come up in judgement
Yes, every text sent
And it won’t be the pretended instant
But the trend to which your autocorrect is now bent
When they called them smart, there was the hint

You know, these phones learn
After a time, by them your, character we discern


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