To My Children Unborn

To my children unborn
Who from me by time are torn

Please forgive me
I only began to see
The leaves whither in trees
Triggering my tears to flow free
Is this what death does mean
For their fall I am guilty
Tear drop falls deservingly

If I could I would give me
That Our Father Heavenly
Would erase me
And make a race wholly
Undivided hearts Holy
But sin stains my chance to save you, my family
Woe is me
My hands are tied helplessly

But Father has promised me
When the time has come to be
He will provide Himself willingly
A Lamb without blemish see

I tried to stretch my mind to perceive
To grasp the restoration’s complexity
Yet, I who had communed with angels, was floored by simplicity
And I can’t conceive
The love He has for me
This, His Word, is my only plea
That He will rescue me
And all those who in trust believe

Daughter, when this letter you receive
I shall be resting, I believe
Yes, if you must please blame me
But thereafter consider my humble plea
To His Word cling faithfully
For in His arms lies your true beauty
For there is no other sight more lovely
Than Eve
Realising she is loved ferociously
And returning to what she is meant to be

Son, I hope to meet you on the resurrection morn
When this storm
That has slashed and torn
And ravaged before you were born
Will finally be o’er
When Eden will be reborn
Until then be strong, though battle worn
A man is not counted by the steel he has torn
But by the faithful trials born
Finding in His Word, a shelter in the storm
The tears for Abel still flow freely
But I know I will see him one day happily
For he bore faithfully
The robe of obedience, see

Forgive me
Is my plea
But even if you don’t
Promise me
You won’t be like me
And take for granted what was given freely


Your Dad, Adam


The Inmate

This world was once a cage
It’s bars cold with age
Old experience of sufferage
Clanging with the rage
Celebrating its advantage
Over the freedom of each inmate
The flightless birds awaiting sin’s wage

This world was once a cage
Iron and steel
Is not the only confined feel
On mind and time they put their seal
Choosing your each and every meal
If you are so lucky to have that meal
Depending on how with you they want to deal
Fantasy kept me from thinking this is real

This world was once a cage
Until I rose in repute
Cleverly picked my dispute
Took aim stab a shoot
Realise where to stash the petty loot
For which inmates will kill in pursuit
And so dance to the tune of my flute
Became a boss and the bars were my armour suit
Flightless but learned to crash land without a parachute
Jumping off the trees that had taken iron root
In this institute
Frost bitten, concrete stone was the fruit
Till these cells could not refute
And my conscience was made mute
Until the inevitable harvest did execute

It was not the comeback or expected revenge
Not the inevitable backstabbing friend
It was that my time had come to an end
“You are set free”, said the Warden
I had never felt so constrained by freedom

It scared me to be free
So used to being me
Behind bars that somewhere in the
Hardened concrete was the essence of me
I realise the meaning of free
Had changed for me

This was once a cage
Darkness had become light to me
And light I shunned blindly
I had made prison my security
So I forgot that eventually
The bars were ticking secretly
This life is just a prison see
And one day we will be set free
What of all I was meant to be
The walls were inside me you see
I bore the wrong cross
Now my steel gain is all lost
As now the light I see

*Many of us are focused on what a world we are given. Its unfairness bars us in. The injustices make us fume. And we have learnt to use the system to work in our favour. But one day we will find that the whole point of this pilgrimage was to live for the freedom to come. We had a choice the whole time. To either become the prison and build one within. Or to set our minds to the high calling and know that in the hands of God is the promise to be free, despite the bars all around me. Do not be conformed to this world but rather be transformed by the renewing of your mind. Learn The Truth, The Life, The Way. And He will set you free.