Blindness tried to convince me
But simplicity fooled the lies
That which we don’t see
Is that on which the crow flies

Sound tried to frighten me
With waves behemoth in size
But in shore crashing waves we see
The command, beyond this you won’t rise

Taste tried to beckon me
Come just a little try
But He touched my lips and showed me
We are the apple of His eye

Aroma tried to pull me
When in rapture I closed my eyes
But the breath of life reminds sweetly
If faithful I won’t die

My touch was almost lied to by sensuality
But just a touch of His garment as He passed me by
Dispelled the filth and set me free
Hallelujah is my victory cry

Let my praise rise
Beyond the sight of eye
To heaven rise
Drown out the lies
Like sweet insence rise
In fire baptise
What in me is near demise

Let the Unmistakeably Divine
Make a foolery of what I deem wise

Make my self confidence
My worldly competence
Become in essence
Reliant on no sense
But knowing Your presence


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