My Neighbour Was An Adventist

My Neighbour was an Adventist
The whole ten commands, He would insist
A tried a trusted Sabbathist
No tattooed arm or bangled wrist
By proffession an evangelist
On the paper nothing amiss
No hidden tithe or mistress
His wife ticked the whole checklist

My neighbour was an Adventist
But then there was this
To me known this little twist
That wife that ticked the entire list
The only jewel on his wrist
Used to be my relationship
As my fiance she did exist
For her I had saved my first kiss
I intended for her eternal bliss
“Unequally yoked”, he said this
When I asked and he did insist
Trusted human counsel and therapist
“Unequally yoked” was his verdict

My neighbour was an Adventist
His sermons were the thunder’s fist
A powerful message of righteousness
Didn’t see him for a bit
Then she showed up on his wrist
A simple touch so intimate
And he wasn’t playing exorcist
A quick wedding was their insist
To the dagger in my back, a final twist

My neighbour was an Adventist
This act made his preaching to me a mist
I walked from God coz of the hypocricist
In my heart it was a cyst
The taste of gall and bitterness
Every time he hit the pulpit
Till God taught me forgiveness
Not forget but let go of this
For if you hold on to this
Your own heart will begin to consist
Of what you behold in the hypocrite

My neighbour was an Adventist
And so am I, I must admit
But now I view it different
Though many to the world are conformist
And no matter the jewel stolen from my wrist
Christ is the Centre and the Gist
The reason for my life and exist
Though my heart they rent and twist
The Eternal Source of all that exists
Is my Source and Comfortist

Now I’m the neighbour Adventist
And on this I often insist
Though the Judas knife they often twist
And I often see the hypocricist
Don’t be drawn amiss
Remember when you were lost in the mist
And Christ drew me out the abyss
Comforted you with ministering Spirit
The empathy you then missed
And now go treat them like this

Be the neighbour Adventist
That you in life had wished


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