Let’s Play A Game

Let’s play a game

Let’s say
Song was a prayer
Break down lyric layer by layer
Who would be your god today
At whose feet would your petitions lay
What petition would your list play
Would you on your status, your worship display

Let’s play a game

Let’s say
Word you say was put your mother’s ear
What speech would you hold back in fear
Knowing you are in earshot of mother dear
Or would she rather have her ear shot clear
Off than have her heart by toungue be seared
Seeing your speech toward destruction is geared

Let’s play a game

Let’s say
Thought you had was put on live stream
Your private inklings to the sky beamed
How righteous would you now seem
If displayed unblocked on a timeline screen
Which 5 would you block if you were given privacy
Who wouldn’t you want to be able to see
Who doesn’t need to see the other me?

Let’s play a game

Let’s say
Body were invisible
Would you still fake a dimple
Or try hide each pimple
Or would you keep it simple
Would private and public you be the same
If you knew unseen eyes on you were aimed

Let’s play a game
Or maybe not
Song can be a brilliant prayer
And words can put mother’s name in danger
Every thought is minutely penned in heaven
And how we want to be seen won’t count for anything
But who we actually are
And Who knows that better than The Creator
Who sees the heart and knows each scar
Who knows our thoughts from afar
And yet loves us the way we are
But loves too much to leave us thurr

Let’s play a game

Let’s say
God loves you, just for today
Would you take up His offer layed
Just for today
Do all He would say
And not what others about Him say
Just for today
Though not a game
Would you play


It’s All Fun & Games

It’s all fun and games
Till somebody gets hurt

Nobody’s to blame
It’s just a little flirt
Afterall it’s all the same
Just chase up skirt to skirt
Play hard, get number and name
Kiss, tell, bed, bury value in the dirt
On to the next flame
Only remain is makeup on some shirt

It’s all fun and games
Till somebody gets hurt

Of relationships is this the aim?
To the world the Christian should be the invert
While they see playas and games
Christ sees an honest step heavenward
While they call love blind by name
Christ seeks by companion to shape the inward

It’s all fun and games
Till somebody gets hurt

Play with the flame
And you surely get burnt
But shelter your heart in His Name
A new heart of flesh let Him insert
The lustful flame He will tame
And in His armour you will be girt
He won’t awaken love to play a game
But awaken your heart to seek Him first

It’s all fun games
Get around like Olympic flame
Celebrated then ashes you became
It’s all fun and games
But you don’t have to get hurt

This world’s dating is seek and find
But this is not how God finds a bride
Courtship must start with, in Him abide
And He brings the companions side by side
With the intelligent goal to be husband and bride
It’s not boom, smash, oooo, bombastic collide
And it doesn’t have to be so to bring joy to the ride
Let God guide

It’s all fun and games
If you want to get vainly hurt
Till somebody picks His word

“Okay Google!.. Who Is God”

So there is a rising trend that has me concerned. We know that some passages of Scripture are quite straightforward but others are not quite so. Some passages require some effort and research.

I was sitting in a Sabbath School class and the question was, “what is Armageddon?”. One member of the class whipped out their phone and did a Google search.

I was in a church Bible study and we were discussing 1Corinthians 14:34 (let the women keep silent in churches), and while the facilitator was breaking down how we should study and interpret the Bible one member of the church brought forward the answer they found in a Google search.

There was a question raised in a WhatsApp group I am in. The question was about wine (topic for another day) and I had to fight back the thought that someone would just go pick up an explanation from Google and paste it on the group. I even wanted to check some answers on Google.

Should we really be using Google for Bible study? Sola Scriptura and Googlia? Is there a line to draw?

Well… It’s not all so cut and dried but I can definitely tell you some pointers.

Google is a powerful tool. But it must be used right.
It is certainly helpful when looking up definitions of words. Google is also a great place to find out the historical backgrounds and settings, giving more context to Biblical passage. It is also very useful when it comes to bringing forward the popular belief (which is not always a good thing if you are unsure). It is also a great way to bring up a compilation of different theories (again this could be bad) and allows one to see from different perspectives and not just see their own voice echoed.


We must realise its limits. Running a Google search will only retreive what you ask it for and will bring forward the most optimised results first. And first does not always mean best in this case.
Popular does not always mean correct. We don’t know who is writing the articles we read on the net half the time. I mean, what do you think Google would have had to say about Noah if it was back in his day?

So what do we do?
I would suggest:
1. Pray. Pray. Pray – Whenever we are going to study scripture we should imvite the Author of scripture to guide our minds. The Spirit should guide us into all truth (John 16:13) as He is willing to do. Even with straight forward scripture.

2. Bible interprets the Bible – Back to basics. Sola Scriptura. Let the Bible interpret itself. Where there seems to be something that is confusing, there is surely a place in the Bible where the same principle is spelt out more clearly.
Line upon line, precept upon precept, here a little, there a little (Isaiah 28:10)
To the law and to the testimony, if they speak no according to this word it is because there is no light in them. (Isaiah 8:20)
We see the New Testament writers use Old Testament Scripture this way. Building their belief on the established Word of God.

3. Get a solid grounded Bible answer – Dont be lazy. God is not trying to hide from us. Actually He longs to bring us into full knowledge (as far as we can) to who He is. So before checking concordances and commentaries, check the passages in and around that same text. Check similar situations of the same principle in the rest of the Bible. Even see where similar words show up in scripture. Study to show yourself approved (2Timothy 2:15)

4. Hold fast – it would be worthless to study and then come away and have no change in your life.
Quench not the Spirit. Despise not prophesyings. Prove all things; hold fast that which is good. (1 Thessalonians 5:21)
But be doers of the word, and not hearers only, deceiving your own selves. (James 1:22)

So Google is not our Bible study enemy but always make sure that it is a tool used correctly if you need to use it at all. Don’t let doctrine be based on “but Google said….”, But on a clear, “It is written.”


Blindness tried to convince me
But simplicity fooled the lies
That which we don’t see
Is that on which the crow flies

Sound tried to frighten me
With waves behemoth in size
But in shore crashing waves we see
The command, beyond this you won’t rise

Taste tried to beckon me
Come just a little try
But He touched my lips and showed me
We are the apple of His eye

Aroma tried to pull me
When in rapture I closed my eyes
But the breath of life reminds sweetly
If faithful I won’t die

My touch was almost lied to by sensuality
But just a touch of His garment as He passed me by
Dispelled the filth and set me free
Hallelujah is my victory cry

Let my praise rise
Beyond the sight of eye
To heaven rise
Drown out the lies
Like sweet insence rise
In fire baptise
What in me is near demise

Let the Unmistakeably Divine
Make a foolery of what I deem wise

Make my self confidence
My worldly competence
Become in essence
Reliant on no sense
But knowing Your presence


This is His promise
The bow in the cloud is witness
Though its significance
We have tried to diminish
Remember this

When the world was an abyss
Chosen ignorance
The ark they missed
Despite the preaching of Righteousness
Thereafter Noah walked out in calmness
Sight of clouds caused him unrest

Imagine the stress
To see clouds the sky to dress
The wind, lightning, and darkness
Back to the ark would be my guess
Could water fall down to be a bless?

Thus God made a promise
On which they could rest their hopes
Not leaving them in darkness to grope
Or men’s promise, like sandy ropes

By His Word He caused light to shine
And in the sky
Stretched out a sign
A covenant between man and Divine
The oceans may rise
Rivers break the tide
But here, I draw the line
Never again would flood arise
To be the entire Earth’s demise

The bright bended bow is still in sight
With colours all burning bright
From heaven to earth it makes it’s flight
To remind us of His mercy in might
Yes, earthly winds may cause us fright
And sudden flashes your clouds alight
Suddenly overwhelmed with plight
Though disease and envy contrite
The haters blast and cold shoulders bite

My yoke is easy, My burden light
Keep His promise in your sight
He’ll make it right
He’ll make it right
This He says in coloured light
Rest I say, in His might
In this my towers exceed Babel’s height
The fire won’t on me kindle though the sparks they light

This is God’s promise
My only plea is this
Not to place Your bright grace amiss

My Neighbour Was An Adventist

My Neighbour was an Adventist
The whole ten commands, He would insist
A tried a trusted Sabbathist
No tattooed arm or bangled wrist
By proffession an evangelist
On the paper nothing amiss
No hidden tithe or mistress
His wife ticked the whole checklist

My neighbour was an Adventist
But then there was this
To me known this little twist
That wife that ticked the entire list
The only jewel on his wrist
Used to be my relationship
As my fiance she did exist
For her I had saved my first kiss
I intended for her eternal bliss
“Unequally yoked”, he said this
When I asked and he did insist
Trusted human counsel and therapist
“Unequally yoked” was his verdict

My neighbour was an Adventist
His sermons were the thunder’s fist
A powerful message of righteousness
Didn’t see him for a bit
Then she showed up on his wrist
A simple touch so intimate
And he wasn’t playing exorcist
A quick wedding was their insist
To the dagger in my back, a final twist

My neighbour was an Adventist
This act made his preaching to me a mist
I walked from God coz of the hypocricist
In my heart it was a cyst
The taste of gall and bitterness
Every time he hit the pulpit
Till God taught me forgiveness
Not forget but let go of this
For if you hold on to this
Your own heart will begin to consist
Of what you behold in the hypocrite

My neighbour was an Adventist
And so am I, I must admit
But now I view it different
Though many to the world are conformist
And no matter the jewel stolen from my wrist
Christ is the Centre and the Gist
The reason for my life and exist
Though my heart they rent and twist
The Eternal Source of all that exists
Is my Source and Comfortist

Now I’m the neighbour Adventist
And on this I often insist
Though the Judas knife they often twist
And I often see the hypocricist
Don’t be drawn amiss
Remember when you were lost in the mist
And Christ drew me out the abyss
Comforted you with ministering Spirit
The empathy you then missed
And now go treat them like this

Be the neighbour Adventist
That you in life had wished

There Are No Winners

Round 1…. Fight!
There are no winners in a break up
No matter the rules we make up
It was all happy once upon
Now the battle lines are drawn
The traits to which we were once drawn
Are now the reason for the gloves we don
The broken hopes shatter deep
Even the initiator just might weep
What has ended was once for keeps
Now let go on the abandoned heap

Round 2…. Fight!
There are no winners in a break up
No matter the rules we make up
Was there someone else better
Was I to your freedom a fetter
Did we not commit to prayer
Was this a game and I the losing player
Was it ‘coz we saved the physical for later
Did I unravel too quickly my layers
Too much Bible, should have just been a dater
Wait on the LORD, made me a hesitator
Forever became see you later
It was probably best because you were a faker
I now see your faults, you were the impersonator

Round 3…. Fight!
Now I see you happy again
As happy now as you were back when
What do they have that I didn’t then
Looks, character, a better friend?
I almost got over faster and then
You went and exposed my pretend
Just like our old arguments
Always quicker as was your trend
And you seem to gain back all our friends
LORD, is this how you will put to me an end?
I was loyal but I feel the offend
I am your child is this how you defend?
Like a stormed tree, I break and bend
Should I follow the rebound trend
At least I will find some comfort then
And in this break up find a win

Round…. No… Stop!
There are no winners in a break up
No matter the rules we make up
There can only be lessons learned
Who is to blame has no points earned
No matter which way it is turned
I will bury your faults as I hope you will mine
Your direction I will leave to the Divine
And in prayer He will draw the line
I hope through this I have helped define
What God will do in yours and mine
Separate ways and that’s just fine
I hope I have not marred the character of the Divine
Because from the start, you were not mine
I will put you back where you I did find
Hopefully in the hands of The Saviour Divine
And I hope the next hand is better than mine
And our friends can gather again given time

There are no winners in a break up
No matter the rules we make up
But in the unfortunate parting of Christians
Should be seen a difference

*When Christians go through courtship, the goal is marriage. This is the intent. To weigh every sentiment and trait of character to see if this will lead heavenward, onward to the character of Christ. And unfortunately this may mean we won’t get to the goal for there may be differences in character we didn’t see. Or God may say, proceed no further. And yes, sometimes sadly, the Devil may succeed in driving in a wedge. But please don’t conform to the world even in such a hard circumstance as a break up. Do not resort to who will win. Because there won’t be any winner in the end except the wily foe who has gotten you to bend or play pretend.

Ask God to let His light shine through you even in the dark time of separation.*