God provided Mana
Sweet like the corriander
That the people when they hunger
Could go out and gather
For all from daughter to father

Heaven’s food for mortal men
God saw the need and supplied for them
Giving them roots and supplying the stem
Nourishing, growing no spot to condemn
The diet filling, easy, and simple then

The want for something more was felt
They started to hate the supply they were dealt
The menu did not stretch their belt
Their tongues longed for cheddamelt

Egyptian cuisine refined their buds
The spicy, the rich, the sweetly fudge
And now they ate some sky sent bud
That showed up every day but one

Yes, it was sweet and yes it was nice
But it was no caramelized, onion fried, spice, nyom nyom, nice, nice

And suddenly the heaven sent
Was looked at with discontent
Daydreaming of Pharaoh’s table were their days spent
Forgetting the whip from which they had asked deliverance

Isn’t nthis often the case
God has taken us from sin’s deadly embrace
Given us a life without the chain’s trace
A citizenship to a new place

I have supplied your need
It’s different from the world’s feed
But it has all you need
It’s no disgusting, med-tasting weed
Neither does it encourage the Egyptian disease

Anything that dishonors God
Can’t be good for the child of The Comforter’s rod
Even if it comes in your mother’s hot pot

The problem came
When they started to blame
And saw heaven’s food as fluff
And no matter Who supplied the stuff
Their tongues said it is not enough

And are we not the same
To our appetites we play the slave
When He says from all these you can eat from
And still on our poisons we dwell upon
Eternity He calls us to dwell on
Yet for temporal reputations we long
The fullness He pours out every morn
The unseen blessing from dusk through dawn
The things we must cut off so to Him to be drawn
All these treasures seem to be gone
And there is no epiphany that will miraculously spawn
When we count His fullness as popcorn


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