Fading Light

In the rays of daylight
I saw Your face
In all glorious might
No worry of fate

But then sunset came

The shadows made
The fear arise
Your word faithful stayed
But alas wand’ring eyes

Then the sunset came

And surely so did the night
With whispers of threat
To construct and suffocate life
And remind me of debt

The sunset came

And I remember where You stood
I was sure You hadn’t moved
But these voices had me confused
Should I stand because of how faithful You had proved

Before the suset came?

Can I count on what I saw in light
When the shades overtake
Can I stand on faith and not sight
When the darkness hides Your face

Fading light may determine my sight
But let it not determine Thy might
Yes, night will come my way
Let not the fading ray make me deaf to what You say
For after all the shadowy whispers
That made me freeze in fright
Let faith be the light that flickers
Brighter until the promised day comes out of night


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