No. That Was

It’s gone away
Just bury me
Time and gravity
Have taken my beauty
No. That was vanity
Yes, a gift to be pretty
But far better to be inwrdly
What can’t be taken away naturally
While handsome fades timely
Seeking a character Godly
Is beauty that time feeds

It keeps changing
I think it needs updating
At least I make my own thing
Best choice for situation
Truth, they’re overrating
No. That was opinion
At best knowledge deprivation
At worst an exaltation
Of our limited education
Truth is not persuasion
It stands firm at its station

It’s overrated this love thing
Your heart does sing
And then before you know the next thing
It’s a done fling
And off for the next victim
No. That was infatuation
Love is a principled decision
Not just a feeling
It includes emotion
But exceeds it by oceans

Oh I am going to die
Have no choice in the situation
I pray in prostration
Can you not see my emaciation
No. That was exaggeration
There is a way out for every temptation
Ice cream is not resuscitation
Delay the gratification
A shortage of candy has never killed a nation
And you’re no different situation

It was needed
No. That was wanted
It was a joke
No. That was truth cloaked
I didn’t know alright!
No. That was a rejection of light
That was just another war, hurricane, sermon, earthquake
No. That was a step closer to seeing God face to face


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