Say Grace

Give me a few minutes
Just give me a bit
Let your imagination tick

You have been slaving away
In the kitchen all day
Since ways away
The plan has been on replay
Now its reality is taking shape

The time spent
Considering salt and each ingredient
Remembering allergies and preference
Catered to their every bent
The sweet, the sour, each subtle scent
Making sure arrival time was sent
So you work but don’t have a slave’s scent
Cleaned up and fresh as mint
As if it was effortless is the intent

The meal is set to be perfect
Get rid of the mess
And you disappear to get dressed

All the browns are brown
All the greens are green
You look it over up and down
It’s all pristine
Now just your loved one completes the scene

And they arrive
Just on time
The perfect smile
Like it’s been a while
The convo perfect line by line
Has ever a plan gone this fine?
And here it comes, time to dine

You sit real excited like
All manners are intact tonight
They remind you in all excite
To say a prayer, another reason why you like
This soul sitting opposite yet so alike
And you are truly thankful for this night

You are a little nervous as they take the first bite
What happens next dampens your night
But they don’t realise it because it’s hidden from sight
As they cough in a way that’s still polite
“Honey? Can you please pass the salt?”
As they pour on salt not once but twice
The ketchup follows and poured out like
Niagra has come here tonight
Your great meal is covered from sight
You keep a smile and hide your plight
The question that might start a fight
I made it perfect, planned precise
What was it they didn’t like?

Now let’s come away from the meal
To the reason for this speel
God made you and made you real
Each height, spot and dimple He feels
He was not surprised on reveal
He knows your beauty
He made it so

Yes, sin has scarred even the moon’s face
But look up and it’s beauty you can trace
It is in its place
Reflects His grace
And what do I think of His reflection in my face?
Should it be covered with add-ons to take it’s place?
Or can it grow from the inside and surface
Adornments that come from the inward place
Let them be enough, my foundation and base
Lest in my excitement I forget the place
And what I say, the impact I make
With the harmless red bottle and simple salt shake


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