Come To Me

I Kissed a Girl And I Liked it
She said

More like she kissed me
But the result is the same you see
Coz in that moment I was set free
This is what I was born to be

Oh I loved her secretly
And she loved me for me
She shut my lips and told me
To love her quietly
We don’t want to lose our Christian family

And so I couldn’t talk about ‘we’
Or ‘us’ publicly
Coz she still had to serve at the pulpit, see
But there was something inside of me
Passed the feelings of glee
In the dark passed feeling giddy
Was the controversy

The excitement was temporary
And she asked more and more gradually

If you love me
She said

If this is what set me free
Why did I feel filthy
Why couldn’t I love openly
Did I have to be ashamed of me
If this is who I’m meant to be
Why was it born of hypocrisy
What is true is not hidden darkly
And will come to light finally

I really love you
She said

And yet that’s the same thing she tells her hubby
She awakened this in me
Its been there the whole time she tells me
Then why can’t I come to God honestly
If this is how He made me
Why do I have to twist what His word says plainly
To suit me, to suit ‘we’
And why am I falling away secretly

It’s not you it’s me
She said

I knew what that meant obviously
That she was done with me
She had used me lustfully
Shattered my resolve effectively
And there is no way God would have me

But I had to try desperately

LORD, will you have me?
I burn with desire
In me is a fire
It is not for a man as it seems you require
For too long have I been mired
My need for love is dire
But I once knew your love that did inspire
Deeper and ever higher
Than these temporary fires
So take me as Your Own and not on hire
Now that I am down to the wire
It’s just You and me
And I know what I desire
There is no point of being a liar
Not with You being of my heart the True Tryer
Take me now or watch me dive deeper into the mire

“Come to Me”
He said


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