It Was All So Simple

It was all
So simple

What used to be friendships
Turned to battle gripped
What used to be united
And had the foe ignited
In fury is now blighted
By the plague of the divided

It was all
So simple

What used to be shared meals
However little they did feel
Were eaten love so real
Has become a frame in the reel
Of a historical documentary
What used to be genuine Bible solemnity
Has become smiles pretendedly
Slapped on the face in diplomacy

It was all
So simple

What used to be a trusted circle
Slow but secure like the turtle
Became scattered by darts hurtled
Prayer was our breath
And so we all turned purple
What used to be a fight against
The dismal world from which we were fenced
Against the beauraucy’s worst intents
Through the persecution so intense
Not knowing we didn’t battle blood and flesh
Though after a bit we had that sense
Just to do what Our Redeemer sent
Love Him and keep His commandments
Became a steel bar bent
A little flock torn and rent

It was all
So simple

What used to be
Wasn’t taken by all bad you see
Some found true matrimony
Others a promotion testimony
But others weren’t so fortunate see
Death touched some families
Others split by adultery
Others sold integrity
And civil wars broke the unity

It was all
So simple

Then I looked to the hills
From where comes my help still
I am but one lost sheep worth nil
Repentance is a bitter pill
Please take our sin and You will
Make us whole, each individual
Please, our empty hearts You fill
The whole heavens Your glory fills
But dwell with us Emmanuel
Is my prayer so simple

That it will
Be so simple

Your Spirit works from within
And works true reformation
From You would come the straight message
Your righteousness without restriction
Of Your love a true revelation
A content, simple, primtive religion
Love for the rich and the simpleton
True to Your Word, faith no question
Till Your return breaks the perversion
Revive true conversion
That if (forbid) by the way side I fall in diversion
By my influence in the least You may find one faithful person

It was all
So simple
So simple
It was all
So simple


The Day I Walk Away

It won’t be seen
To human eye
Without interest keen
I will be the same guy

Heat but no fire to be woke
Image of ashes come to thought
It will seem like a joke
Flames then suddenly the man’s not hot
No matter how much you shuffle and poke

It won’t be the fault of the hypocrite
The about face will be hard to understand
It won’t be an outward deficit
Twill be business as usually planned

It won’t be the fault of the adulterer
Or the apparent weak sermon
On the day I may even be the preacher
It won’t be visible in person

It will be a simple decision
Maybe the small choice
Won’t be dripping dramatic emotion
But ignoring the still small voice

It used to say “holier, holier still”
Then you ceased to pray for me
And that voice I decided to kill
You ceased to pray for me
And didn’t know the result until
Heaven has an empty place that I was meant to fill

It won’t be so obvious
The day I turn away
But it will leave curious
Did you have a role to play?

No. That Was

It’s gone away
Just bury me
Time and gravity
Have taken my beauty
No. That was vanity
Yes, a gift to be pretty
But far better to be inwrdly
What can’t be taken away naturally
While handsome fades timely
Seeking a character Godly
Is beauty that time feeds

It keeps changing
I think it needs updating
At least I make my own thing
Best choice for situation
Truth, they’re overrating
No. That was opinion
At best knowledge deprivation
At worst an exaltation
Of our limited education
Truth is not persuasion
It stands firm at its station

It’s overrated this love thing
Your heart does sing
And then before you know the next thing
It’s a done fling
And off for the next victim
No. That was infatuation
Love is a principled decision
Not just a feeling
It includes emotion
But exceeds it by oceans

Oh I am going to die
Have no choice in the situation
I pray in prostration
Can you not see my emaciation
No. That was exaggeration
There is a way out for every temptation
Ice cream is not resuscitation
Delay the gratification
A shortage of candy has never killed a nation
And you’re no different situation

It was needed
No. That was wanted
It was a joke
No. That was truth cloaked
I didn’t know alright!
No. That was a rejection of light
That was just another war, hurricane, sermon, earthquake
No. That was a step closer to seeing God face to face

Say Grace

Give me a few minutes
Just give me a bit
Let your imagination tick

You have been slaving away
In the kitchen all day
Since ways away
The plan has been on replay
Now its reality is taking shape

The time spent
Considering salt and each ingredient
Remembering allergies and preference
Catered to their every bent
The sweet, the sour, each subtle scent
Making sure arrival time was sent
So you work but don’t have a slave’s scent
Cleaned up and fresh as mint
As if it was effortless is the intent

The meal is set to be perfect
Get rid of the mess
And you disappear to get dressed

All the browns are brown
All the greens are green
You look it over up and down
It’s all pristine
Now just your loved one completes the scene

And they arrive
Just on time
The perfect smile
Like it’s been a while
The convo perfect line by line
Has ever a plan gone this fine?
And here it comes, time to dine

You sit real excited like
All manners are intact tonight
They remind you in all excite
To say a prayer, another reason why you like
This soul sitting opposite yet so alike
And you are truly thankful for this night

You are a little nervous as they take the first bite
What happens next dampens your night
But they don’t realise it because it’s hidden from sight
As they cough in a way that’s still polite
“Honey? Can you please pass the salt?”
As they pour on salt not once but twice
The ketchup follows and poured out like
Niagra has come here tonight
Your great meal is covered from sight
You keep a smile and hide your plight
The question that might start a fight
I made it perfect, planned precise
What was it they didn’t like?

Now let’s come away from the meal
To the reason for this speel
God made you and made you real
Each height, spot and dimple He feels
He was not surprised on reveal
He knows your beauty
He made it so

Yes, sin has scarred even the moon’s face
But look up and it’s beauty you can trace
It is in its place
Reflects His grace
And what do I think of His reflection in my face?
Should it be covered with add-ons to take it’s place?
Or can it grow from the inside and surface
Adornments that come from the inward place
Let them be enough, my foundation and base
Lest in my excitement I forget the place
And what I say, the impact I make
With the harmless red bottle and simple salt shake

Let Me Tell You Why

Let me tell you why
You try and you try
And still come up dry

This generation looks for a sign
And does not recognize
It’s visitation time
Praying and fasting
For days at a time
But ignoring the explicit
Word of the Divine

Let me tell you why
You switched out what’s Living
For what has died
Taken the tradition of men
To try make The Word of God a lie

Let me tell you why
Because deep down inside
Ten commandments
Can’t be made up of nine
And it continues to gnaw
The back of your mind

Let me tell you why
You keep all ten
And still are weighed
And found wanting
Because you still withholding
Still cherishing
The thoughts of men
Holding up a reputation
Rather than a standard
On His love blood-stained foundation

Offended by His suffering
For your salvation
And it calls for your participation
In His pride numbing humiliation

Let me tell you why
Because you wanted outward reformation
But denied for Him
To work within

Let me tell you why
You shout in tones
That can’t be understood or ignored
Now you can’t hear the calm steady
Knock at the door
Seeking to be exalted
Ignoring the glory of Your LORD
And you have to dive deeper in than the last
To get excited more and more
So you ignore
The emptiness you find in store
When the excitement is gone
And you touch the floor

It is not a feeling you seek
But Truth
Not the mountain peak
But Truth
Not the eloquent speak
But Truth
It is not what we want to hear

Let me tell you why
Because you and I
Have dry eyes
When we see Him die
Because of pride

I Have Been Asked

I have been asked
Sincerely in the past

So what if I dress like a tart
He truly sees my heart
True my dear
And what I fear
Is that you are a work of art
And the outer is only a start
For it is a useless piece in whole and part
If it be not
An expression of what is dwelling
In the heart

I have been asked
Sincerely in the past

So what about the apocrypha
It might unfold some sophistra
True my dear
And what I fear
Is we haven’t fully understood
The 66 books clear and good
Why go after secrets supposedly under the hood
When what is in the light isn’t obeyed as it should

I have been asked
Sincerely in the past

So what if God calls you to single life
He could say you never wife
True my dear
And what I fear
Is that that would cause me to run from Him
But what would I then give the one I pusue
If I remove
The only Source of love I have and choose
To give them an inferior view
Of what love is and ask more than my due

I have been asked
Sincerely in the past

What if heaven was a myth
Then what of all you endured with
Okay my dear
And what I fear
Is you won’t like me for saying this
In light of living by faith experience
And seeking His righteousness
Just the trusting obedience and purpose
Is enough of a better existence
And to live here only in a supposed facade of His presence
Which is not true by any sense
But suppose for your convenience
I would rather live like this
Seeking His righteousness
Being picked out of the abyss
Yes, stumbling but on Him my eyes focused
And dying holding His hand like this
And guiding one to the same by my witness
Than die in empty pride and selfishness
Heaven would be a bonus

Won’t Always

It won’t always be like this
Not forever

To have to worry about
Or be in fear or doubt
Of when my next meal be
Or whether they deposited my salary
And I can cease
To look at my wallet so brokenly

It won’t always be like this
Not forever

Where I don’t want to be
Alone or lonely
So I keep myself occupied
Jumping from one to the next deadly tie
Calling it a fling or thing on the side
Knowing I let in more parasites
But its better than facing the reflection inside

It won’t always be like this
Not forever

Where I have to be the strong one
In order for things to be done
Where everyone gets to vent and deal
But I have to zip it up and seal
Someone must be the man of steel

It won’t always be like this
Not forever

Where my eyes may have to be plucked out
At risk of eternity missing out
Because the status was all about
“letting the girls out”
And pucker her lips in a pout
Where I have to worry about
The temptation around the corner
Or the feel to always warn her
“You are already beautiful my daughter”
And she won’t seek the wrong attention to support her

It won’t always be like this
Not forever

Where we say good-bye
Not knowing it really is the last time
Where the next breath is uncertain
And we don’t know when the final curtain
Will draw on a life and we are left hurting

It won’t always be like this
Not forever

Where one stands over another
Looking down proudly on a brother
As his life is smothered
Or the suffering in sickness
To this Earth’s curse a witness
Lay where they once fought, now hopeless

It won’t always be like this
Not forever

No not forever
For one day we will study war
No more
It is all war
From marriage
To the armed savage
It’s not always against flesh and blood
Some of the worst enemies can’t be fought with a gun

For one day we will study war
No more
Our good byes
Will turn to “It’s been a while”s
As we see familiar smiles
No more tears in our eyes
Looking refreshed and blessed
As they are restored and well rested
Forgotten are the trials with which we were tested

For one day we will study war
No more
And that day is not far away
For in His resurrection is our hope and stay
A home in eternity
Is not just something He did say
He stepped over death “Excuse Me”
To go ahead and prepare a place
Where there is one eternal day

For one day we will study war
No more
The lamb will lie next to the lion
And death will never touch Mount Zion