Remember, God is able to handle your anger.
He can handle your tears.
He can dispel your fears.

Remember, God is not scared of your problems
He can handle the truth
Prayers don’t need to be child proof
In respect weave words the heart to move

Remember, God does not fear the weight of your world
Entire oceans fit in the span
Of His outstretched nail-peirced hand

Remember, God is not looking for men’s applause
He is, was and ever will be
And will not change for popularity

Remember, God is not slack concerning His promise
A delayed return is not to say
It is time to rise up and play
For the reckoning is sure, there is coming the day

Remember, God is not mocked
Can not by any lie or fib be fooled
He weighs hearts and motives true
In the end the only person lied to was you

Remember, the LORD your God in the days of your youth
For until He sees His promise through
He will not forget you



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