Remember, God is able to handle your anger.
He can handle your tears.
He can dispel your fears.

Remember, God is not scared of your problems
He can handle the truth
Prayers don’t need to be child proof
In respect weave words the heart to move

Remember, God does not fear the weight of your world
Entire oceans fit in the span
Of His outstretched nail-peirced hand

Remember, God is not looking for men’s applause
He is, was and ever will be
And will not change for popularity

Remember, God is not slack concerning His promise
A delayed return is not to say
It is time to rise up and play
For the reckoning is sure, there is coming the day

Remember, God is not mocked
Can not by any lie or fib be fooled
He weighs hearts and motives true
In the end the only person lied to was you

Remember, the LORD your God in the days of your youth
For until He sees His promise through
He will not forget you



No, Not (Every)one

There are many things I daren’t say
Of those who call upon Your name
Of being followers they claim
They say theirs and Yours are the same
But only a glance shows they don’t walk as they say

There are many things I daren’t say
Of my own shameful turn from grace
For fear of reliving a dark place
Amazing love amazing grace
By faith makes You my hope and stay

There are many things I daren’t say
Of this long road I travel on
The tempts, trickeries, snares and cons
That try to steal the vict’ries won
They surround the light and try darken the day

There are many things I daren’t say
For I know it’s not my duty or aide
To make of their sins excuses made
For me of their sand to have my foundation laid
In the end the floor being lava is not a game

There are many things I daren’t say
But here is what I am able to
I would like everyone to love You
And treat me as You do
For you ask me to
Love them just as You do
But it remains true
They have not chosen to
But don’t let this tear me from You

For there is no God like You
Who shall I instead run to
They may have not made commitments to you
But I do
You are the Only One who makes me able to stay true
They may not know You
But I do
At least what glory I am granted to view
And just for this little bit I love You
By Your grace I try to
But it doesn’t mean they do

So I get disappointed when I am scarred
By these pilgrims marred
Nevertheless, Your will be done
In my tiny life and hope others’ one by one
Because there are few who strive to run
No, not (every) one
No, not (every) one

‘Fraid of the Dark

I fear when the daylight fades
Not coz of boogeymen or the beast under the bed
But coz of the waves that come with night’s shade
The foe has been trying to get images in my head
And in moonlight they seek to be replayed

I fear when the sunbeams fade
Not because of physical threat or harm
But the army of dark seeks to have my mind swayed
I can feel lust in the stretching shadow flexing its filthy arm
Self loath and abuse seeking to be obeyed

Not the way I fear the LORD
It’s not the same
The shield His rod and staff afford
That fear is joy in His holy Name
Yet this rise in heart rate can’t be ignored
Don’t let tonight be dark’s victory claim

I fear the dark
But I love You LORD
In me don’t just be a spark
Bind me by love’s strong chord
Closer still to Your heart

I fear but You love more
A gift in faith’s sheild quench the fiery darts
Though night descend, that hope soar
Let the night surround but in me have no part
Knowing what Your promised morning has in store

Smile on my face, whispered song in my heart
So I lay me down to sleep for sure
Fraid of the dark?
Not anymore

*The days when i was struggling to kick the porn addiction came back to mind. The LORD has certainly brought me from far. May His name be glorified! The enemy uses loneliness, discouragement and entitlement to get us to be dissatisfied and try seek our own way. Just hold on and resolve to seek Him night or day, He wil be found and He will cover you under His wings of Love*