Prayer – Day 9

Father in heaven
Our LORD, who created the world in six and rested on seven

LORD, it is day 9 of 10
And we come before You again

Realising now that You do hear
Every shout of joy and every bereaved tear
And not a listening or concern mere
But You get us because You were here
Tempted in all points yet no blemish to be found here
In a sinful world, sinless the life can be steered

Holy and in Divinity clear
Clothed in humanity You took the dare
That we might in righteousness share
Boldly before the throne of grace appear

We say in Jesus’ name
Oh let us ask things that equal the claim
What are riches and fame
When there is faith, grace, peace
Wisdom, repentance, knowledge
Forgiveness, contentment, righteousness
Oh why do we ask first for things so tame?!

But yet, and still
You hear us and give ’til overspill
From the biggest concern
To the weakest flax You do not burn

Because He holds the censer in His hand
Our petitions and praise is accepted and
His merits make us confident able to stand
And the foe can not snatch us from Your hand
I don’t fully understand

Why You love us so
But I accept. O! I accept it though.

We thank You for taking us to this point
You, Our High Priest we do appoint
For who else is worthy of this anoint

In Jesus’ name we pray. Amen


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