Prayer – Day 6

Father in heaven
Our LORD, who created the world in six and rested on seven

LORD, You’re the One Who protects us
It is in You we trust
After You have dressed us
In Your robe of righteousness
Tie it together and gird us

As Egypt in the day of Passover
Your children were safe in your cover
But it was no vacation layover
They stood ready prepared for order

To move at commandment
To stand under what the blaood of the lamb meant
It was no secret
That the stranger could find You in who you sent

So You send us
Open our eyes for witness
Gird is with courage and yet fear
Lest our self misrepresents You here

Grant us the abundant promised wisdom
That others may be pointed to Your kingdom

Thank You for the joy of witness
So let us be about our Father’s business
Thus make of day 6 a success
Realising now that out of ten we have 4 days left
Let it be more of You and not less

We pray in the name of Jesus


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