Prayer – Day 1

Father in heaven
Our LORD, who created the world in seven

We thank you for the gifts You give
Because of You we live the life that we live
By You is every breath driv’n
And by You is inspiration giv’n

Lest I begin to think
And to my weakness give a wink
And make perfume of my stink
To any glory you are The Link
That it is mine let me never think
Because You use me to place this ink
A beloved tool with vanishing kinks
Unless by pride like a Titan ship
I be filled with air and begin to sink
Or be tossed out heaven, lightning quick
Vanquish pride, a disease Luciferic

Thank You, LORD, for your gift
For Your Spirit to fill the rift
Since You gave Yourself as a gift
And the evidence is Your Spirit, sure and swift
Liberally, You give and uplift
You accept us and He gives witness

To lead us into all truth
And You seen in us is the proof
In thought, action, in corner or roof
The aim is to hold you up high but not aloof
Your character weaved into the warp and woof
That you want all to come to know Truth

Anoint us with Our High Preist’s Oil
You are the Victor, share with us the spoil

Bless those who have taken
Up the mission
And those who now make the decision

This I pray then
First of these days ten
In Jesus’ Name we pray, Amen


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