Prayer – Day 10

Our Father in heaven
It’s day 10
And here comes the blest rest of day seven
In contemplation
Of He who founded creation

Trembling before the place of most holy consecration
Yes, the anointing oil was your ordination
In place of a crown of thorns they made in mocking
You are now rightly enthroned as King
Crown with Holiness Unto The Lord the declaration
We stand bare feet in awe and humiliation
Your robe of righteousness our only explanation
We behold the ephod, yes, You shoulder Your chosen nation
And hold us all together like that curious girdle in completion
Our names are on Your heart, the breastplate’s definition
Your Word like Urim & Thummim never in indecision
Those who come believing in Your intercession
The censer in Your hand makes of grumbling holy confession
This is praise and worship truly in session

Yet, we are still trembling
Gathered here assembling
Waiting for pomegranate split bells to ring
What if there was something
Hidden in confession
Had we been open
To the Holy Spirit’s conviction?
Then we here the bells ring
Such mixed reaction
Fear and yet jubilation
At His long awaited appearing
And all fear melts away when
We hear the declaration
“My grace is sufficient, in Me is your sanctification
Come to Me, My weary, faithful nation
You have lived in a dark generation
And have shown of My name vindication

Come to Me, Into My arms of adoration
Into My place for you, the reward, the summation
No longer tossed in wilderness, nation to nation
This by grace My proclamation

Welcome home.”

Amen and Amen.


Don’t Touch

Look but don’t touch
There is no harm in such
As long as you do that you can have as much as you want

What does it matter
It’s just flirting, idle chatter
You make a flood of pitter patter
As if sex started from banter

Look but don’t touch
There is no harm in such
As long as you do that you can have as much as you want

He’ll just watch
It’s not like he’s learning much
He won’t be yearning such
Just because I showed him the cookie
Doesn’t mean he will want the crunch

Look but don’t touch
There is no harm in such
As long as you do that you can have as much as you want

She’ll let go
Because of course we both know
I just make her feel great and then I’ll go
She don’t have to get emotional
I mean if you water a plant it don’t hafta grow

Look but don’t touch
There is no harm in such
But if you believe this you ignore the evidence

For in the eye begins desire
And of course water boils the higher
You feed the flame and kindle the fire
You may not be the one who gets burned
But someone will dish out what they have learned
They couldn’t reach you so they got the weaker
And you kept displaying saying “have some more!”

Look but don’t touch
But feed the eye enough
It’s only a matter of time before the touch

To trifle with hearts is a crime of no small magnitude in the sight of a holy God. And yet some will show preference for young ladies and callout their affections, and then go their way and forget all about the words they have spoken and their effect. A new face attracts them, and they repeat the same words, devote to another the same attentions.

– Mind Character and Personality Vol.1, pg.299

Prayer – Day 9

Father in heaven
Our LORD, who created the world in six and rested on seven

LORD, it is day 9 of 10
And we come before You again

Realising now that You do hear
Every shout of joy and every bereaved tear
And not a listening or concern mere
But You get us because You were here
Tempted in all points yet no blemish to be found here
In a sinful world, sinless the life can be steered

Holy and in Divinity clear
Clothed in humanity You took the dare
That we might in righteousness share
Boldly before the throne of grace appear

We say in Jesus’ name
Oh let us ask things that equal the claim
What are riches and fame
When there is faith, grace, peace
Wisdom, repentance, knowledge
Forgiveness, contentment, righteousness
Oh why do we ask first for things so tame?!

But yet, and still
You hear us and give ’til overspill
From the biggest concern
To the weakest flax You do not burn

Because He holds the censer in His hand
Our petitions and praise is accepted and
His merits make us confident able to stand
And the foe can not snatch us from Your hand
I don’t fully understand

Why You love us so
But I accept. O! I accept it though.

We thank You for taking us to this point
You, Our High Priest we do appoint
For who else is worthy of this anoint

In Jesus’ name we pray. Amen

Prayer – Day 8

Father in heaven
Our LORD, who created the world in six and rested on seven

Be Thou my vision
For behind my eyes is a dark prison
As if between sight and cognition
There has been made an incision
Lord. What is Your will?

The road ahead has a division
And last time I went with my decision
Despite Your Word given
Now battered and bruised You made me willing
So LORD, take my will, You make the decision
LORD. What is Your will?

But LORD, in honesty, let me tell You something
Sometimes I would like a Urim and Thummim
You know like the preist’s shiny stones
To let Your will be known
LORD. I want Your will

But what use is a shiny stone
When through The Rock Your will is known
In the cross is Your perfect, pleasing will shown
Even our sanctification, that we be Your own
That our life is but a loan
And You paid the price and set the tone
Plant seeds righteous and love is grown
To the full stature of Christ alone
LORD. Teach us Your will

And let it be a delight
And above the world’s distracting lights
When our own ways for Yours we slight
LORD, be my vision, be my sight
For You are The Way, The Truth, The Life

LORD, on this day 8 out of ten
LORD, be my vision
In Jesus’ name Amen

LORD, what is Your will?

Prayer – Day 7

Father in heaven
Our LORD, who created the world in six and rested on seven

The stones upon the Priest’s breastplate
Tell us our place
With Him who did create
There we find our rest

Upon His chest we hear His heart tone
Each of us to Him a precious stone
Each one gladly called His own
There we find our rest

And in His heart we find unity
In truth, mercy, justice, purity
Against the foe there’s immunity
There we find our rest

We see Your heart in John 17
Press together, let nothing in between
For exalting self please forgive me
Let us shoulder to truthful shoulder be
Let us unite for Your glory
You said “by this they’ll see
you have been with Me”
We are but incomplete dust to see
In You we find our rest

Teach me how we may be one
Like the Father and The Son
And when all is overcome
We will be like Jesus

So I pray on day seven
Of these prayer days ten
In Jesus’ name Amen

Prayer – Day 6

Father in heaven
Our LORD, who created the world in six and rested on seven

LORD, You’re the One Who protects us
It is in You we trust
After You have dressed us
In Your robe of righteousness
Tie it together and gird us

As Egypt in the day of Passover
Your children were safe in your cover
But it was no vacation layover
They stood ready prepared for order

To move at commandment
To stand under what the blaood of the lamb meant
It was no secret
That the stranger could find You in who you sent

So You send us
Open our eyes for witness
Gird is with courage and yet fear
Lest our self misrepresents You here

Grant us the abundant promised wisdom
That others may be pointed to Your kingdom

Thank You for the joy of witness
So let us be about our Father’s business
Thus make of day 6 a success
Realising now that out of ten we have 4 days left
Let it be more of You and not less

We pray in the name of Jesus

Prayer – Day 5

Father in heaven
Our LORD, who created the world in six and rested on seven

On Our High Preist was our burden strewn
Our guilty names in the form of a cross
By Roman hands it was hewn
The picture of the preist’s ephod was not lost
The message, yes, did get across

On his shoulders were Israel’s names writ
To bear a memorial
But on His shoulders was the wooden instrument
To show of selflessness a tutorial
His just mercy is for real

Your love for us was revealed from His obedient death
To draw from Your humility courage
And breathe in us strength when we have nought but weakness
Warmth from death as cold as the fridge
From the greatest shame came homage

Now all to Him we surrender all
That whate’er I do, whate’er I be
He overcomes in me each shortfall
‘Tis God through Jordan leadeth me
This in the Ephod, You show me

Five days spent
On ten intent
In Jesus’ name, Amen.