Light Dark

The example I give you would deem extreme
But I would like you to see as by me seen
If I tried to sell you Christian pornography
A customer of mine would you be
Well you give an answer so obviously
But the point you don’t quite see

So just for a moment give your ear to me
Or eyes as the case may be

The world is not caught in the foolery
Of trying disguise their ways as Christianity
In most cases they have no need, actually
They know it’s out right worldly
This is a believers’ struggle usually

To say it will do no harm
When it is the venomed serpent dressed in holy garb

Back to Christian pornography
Sex was gifted by God you see
But displayed for eyes ogling lustfully
No. This was not meant to be

But this is no struggle for the worldly
For what need
Approved of God to be
They are what they are outrightly
But the world the Christian also aims to please
And so they follow instead of lead

And so Christian pornography

The children of dark in this age
Are cleverer than the children of light at this stage
But that’s because we try persuade
And in the mix brightness tends to fade
Don’t be swayed
On Him desire to keep your eyes stayed
And we will be shown His way
His truth will give us opportunity
Loved ones will come out the dark successfully

But don’t expect to teach holy sexuality
By giving porn the first name of Christianity

Be of the light
Get your relationship right
Have your given identity in sight
Not everything we want is pleasing to His sight
If we pray, there are many fields He wants to give His might
But don’t try to call darkness light.


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