When there
You can’t see it

If you stumbled upon
A beautiful diamond
Would you have to think twice on
Whether to keep it so long

Because it is not cut or shaped
In mud it is still caked
The light, a full glitter it doesn’t make
This diamond would you still take

When there
You can’t see it

Do you think that diamond feels precious
Left, neglected, quarantined like it was infectious
Far be it that it’s beauty could enmesh us
Despite it’s feeling, high value it possesses

Listen, you are that diamond

The insecurities
That surround you and me
Is because we don’t see

Do you understand what it means
To be
And wonderfully

You are that diamond

Your beauty lies
In the tears you’ve cried
The dirt in which you lie
Making the mud that put off the passerby
Yes, despite
There is One who loves you on high

Your beauty lies
In all the times
You tried and tried
But you didn’t seem to come up to size
And still Someone loves you on high

You are that diamond

Fearfully, for His glory
Wonderfully, beauty for ashes the story

You still have worth
From the day of your birth
There is none like you, you are the first
And there is nothing worse
Than a diamond selling itself for the price of a tattered shirt
Or parading as a piece of dirt

If you knew His love
Your beauty is wrapped up above
And how it would shape you
And take you
Not just cahnge you
But make you
What you
Were already meant to
A diamond of value

In the mud clad
But choose His hand
And no matter where you stand
In depth of despair or dry land

You have value
Because He loves you
And that goes for your neighbour too

If you didn’t know
Learn it
He saw the vicious cross as His pulpit
He saw how saw you in the eternit
By His vicarious sacrifice
And said worth it

You are that diamond
When there
You can’t see it
Probably can’t feel it
But at the cross you can’t flee it

Because of love in heaven
On Earth
You have worth


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