Rightly Dividing: Purpose

What is the purpose of this life
What is the purpose for the joys and strife
For they are like a wisp of mist
Gone with the movement of the second’s tick

Most would have you believe
You live once and leave
That there is no such thing as joyful eternity
A harmonious place that is full, not empty

And then a dampened thought does usurp us
Does this life have purpose
Between the beginning and the end
Whether of the earth or giving in the life He did lend
Am I completing the purpose for which He did send
Was there a memo or class to attend
Did I lose and miss
My purpose

The purpose is not self
It’s not about amassing wealth
Nope, not about accolades on the shelf

For man was made with the purpose to
With God and angels to commune
And to this reality to pursue
Though sin has blotted our view
To the knowledge of this reality we are not immune
That inkling should drive us a clue

Knowing this life is the prepaid school
This the practicals
Before we acquire a home eternal
If we choose the right side in this dual
To choose Good and not the evil
To attain a character for the purpose original

It’s why we try this and that to pursue
But without the true goal in view
The victories evaporate like dew

This life isn’t about you
No matter how many times you buy a new shoe
Even they come in twos

Nothing is created to itslef
And even if we found a way it would tend to death
Purpose is not selfish

If anyone was self-sufficient
Jesus was it
But He came as a servant
To bring joy to mothers
To bless others
And we think we are here to horde treasures

So let us run this life’s race
With patience
Looking to the Author and Finisher of faith
Preparing for the day we see Him face to face
Vast fields of knowledge, of weariness no trace
No sign of sin and selfishness
No greed, revenge, just graciousness

Life’s purpose
Is selflessness
This the foundation of the commandments
Which is love in essence

So let us hear the conclude
Don’t for self pursue
He had a plan known for you
Before you even knew
But that plan is not about you
So His kingdom and righteousness pursue
And all these things will be added to you
Now and in abundance in the earth made new


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