It’s Crazy

It’s crazy
Those who are light want to be darker
And call it a tan
Those who are dark want to be lighter
And end up two-toned when they stand

It’s crazy
Those who are slim want to be bigger
And look like a boss
Those who are big want to be slimmer
Desire phone battery speed weight loss

It’s crazy
Those who are meer pedestrians
Want a set of wheels
Those on wheels, their health question
And go nowhere fast on treadmills

It’s crazy
Those who are broke want money
And don’t you find it funny
Those with money are fighting
And for their happiness still striving
Gold and joy have no automatic binding

It’s crazy
The lonely ones stand
And want to hold someone’s hand
While the popular one
Has a bullet in their back stunned
Surrounded but whose hand pulled the trigger to the gun

It’s crazy
That satan knows more about worship
But because we have egos that need constant service
We would rather think we know it
And continue because study isn’t worth it
But a 6 year masters, we’ll work it
More interest
In the internet
Than in the eternit
And we speak of heaven like we deserve it

Please permit
Me to say
It’s crazy

But the truth is
Whether dark or light
Baggy or skin-tight
Blind or with sight
The things we see are not the real fight
It’s really about wrong and right
And we are busy using bazookas on termites
Ignoring the log in our sight

Very few are happy with the way they look
But we ignore where in eternity we would be took

It’s like watching your child dying
And you’re fighting
The height of the nurse’s hem lining

Our priorities are the wrong way round
We have this upside down
Symptoms are the disease now
Like blamimg the braii on the availability of cows

We blame our twisted view
On how I can see her bra is blue
But thats only a key hole view
That has no place in here, this is true
But can you tell me about the God you wish I knew
Or does He even mean that much to you
Is He second to what people think of you

But once He becomes your point of view
These trivial matters we would cease to pursue
And they might think you are crazy too
But at least you’ll have a purpose true
And regrets won’t be a part of you
And why you smile you won’t have a clue
You’ll always know how God views you
And it pleases you to please Him too
So even when you look like a cock-eyed shoe
You know He loves you
So they won’t know how to explain you
Or shake you
But when they see God’s view
Through you
Who knows, they might just want to
Be crazy too


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