A Good God But….

I can’t talk to Him first
About what worries me worst
About the discount on a purse
Or my anger outburst
About how I feel like throwing a curse
I want my sympathies nursed
And God’s answers would have my lips pursed
So I tell a friend
You see
He is a Good God
But He is a horrible friend

He’s got the whole world in His hands
This I understand
But I am not too sure about His plan
The difference between what He wants and can
Is what makes me hold back my hand
From surrendering fully, my plan
My heart, does He understand?
Doesn’t He want Issac to become a man?
You see
He is a good, good Father
But is He a good Abba?
Good God but a horrible Daddy

He is the Almighty
Who brings life to the dead, see?
Afterall, He saved me
But when I think carefully
Does He care for me
If I give myself willingly
Wouldn’t I have to give up that series
That I make time for freely
Why does He ask of me
The bore of Bible study
Why can’t He entertain me?
You see
He is a good God
But a horrible switch for Tyler Perry

He is a good God
But a horrible decider
A good God
But a horrible spouse finder
A good God
But a horrible provider
A good God
But He is horrible fun
A good God
But I hope I got myself a gun
A good God
But takes loved ones
A good God
But a horrible author

He is a good God
But I have needs
He will not see
And there are things He won’t show me
Though I know everything He sees

This is what is going on
Though we would rather not think on
And certain things, His view we hide from
What a friend we have in Jesus
But we have sinful things that please us
Or even worse, if there are things on which our grip should ease up

So don’t take it personally
When you make your appeal
You didn’t misrepresent God
He is a good God
But I am not ready

But it’s like saying she would make a beautiful wife
But a horrible girlfriend
Make the faithful choice
And stay commited

Help me realise that You are
Abba Father
The Friend that stays closer than a brother
He Whose ear is ever inclined
Who will not allow death to bind
Those who chose by You to abide
Whose love makes makes majestic angels praise
And Who answers before I pray
Help me realise that You are good
Whether or not I understood
That You are good
Even when good is not as I understood
Not should or could
But LORD, You are good

And so I make my stand
On shaky knees and hands
And ruined, tear soaked plans
He is a good God
My God
On Whom I rely on

And Elijah came unto all the people, and said,
“How long halt ye between two opinions? if the LORD be God, follow him: but if Baal, then follow him.”
And the people answered him not a word.
– 1Kings 18:21


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