The Morning After

Imagine if
You finally got it
Through all the trials stiff
And you were finally fit

Through the temptation
The coal and the fire
And you stayed at your station
Faithful down to the wire

Having struggled
You finally inspire
Peace instead of troubled
Fulfilment instead of desperation dire

But something is wrong
The trouble is
It’s something you can put your finger on
The pin that burst your bubble is

You have had it

You can’t seem to pray
Because you don’t know what more to say
Every burden you have laid
All is done and said
But something inside feels dead

A warrior, He now has you fitted
But there you are, fully armoured and in bed
You feel depleted
Yes, You in me have overcome one more trial
But how much longer is a little while

And now you want to give in
You have good reason
In the eyes of every human
They would actually give you backing
All things considering
Maybe you took the wrong direction
Maybe you misapplied the whole faith thing
If you had stayed, the world wouldn’t have you struggling
Instead of this Word you’ve been accepting

That’s when you catch the deception
Wait a second
In the beginning
The Word was in the beginning
In Him
Is no shadow of turning
Even when He came to live human
He came to condemn sin
But if to Him, I am fully given
I will overflow with waters living

After suffering
He has risen
He continues living
And as long as He lives
I can live in Him
Despite how I am feeling

Hang on
Don’t heed the deception
He is beginning of every dawn
The inception
And conclusion
Of faith
Go on
As you take the day’s first step
His strength you can lean on
Even if it’s second by second


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