No Matryrs

Someday there will be no need
The blood of saints is seed
For in death the living see a Creed
In light of which the life finds need
And on which the heart wishes to feed
Truth finds ground to grow and breed
In truth a rooted, buttressed, fruitful tree
Grows from what used to be a flimsy Reed
Truth has found ground in the heart of need
And now rather than deny would sooner bleed

Where there was one there is now three
Because of this Martyr seed

Harvest draws close with speed
And then what need
Will there be of seed

Truth would be clearly seen
All would make their choice freely
Once two sides have been clearly
In the field no hide and seek
Wheat from tares distinctly

The end of Earth’s probation
Michael stands and makes His declaration
He who is holy, remain holy
He who is filthy, remain filthy
And then what need
Is there for seed

And the universe watches to see
If God’s seal
Is the real deal
Or was God just judging on feels
When He marked His children with His seal
Will His character be true as steel
In these marked ones, God makes His appeal
“All those who live by faith in Me
I count as worthy
For I died to set them free
Now they can live like Me
And I live so they can live in Me
It’s been said that none can live with Me
And live obediently
And sin has ruled successfully
That grace is a sham, brought in unjustfully
Of none effect is living faithfully
I have set My seal on those like Me
Who have chosen to live faithfully
Watch those with My seal
Obey My commandments fully
And have My testimony”

What need
Is there of seed?

All cases have made their plea
Sides marked out plainly
He comes with His reward immediately
Because judgement was done before the Advent scene
Before rewards are handed freely
And in the marked, His character seen

So even though evil cries for blood
In that time of martyrs, there will be none
For the harvest time has come
What need is there of blood
Troubled, yes, but not a loss of one
For He bids them come
Kindled in the shadow of His love

What need
Is there of seed
Harvest’s warning please take heed
Die to self while life is given freely


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