Like That (what about my gift?)

“Then the LORD said to Cain, “Why are you angry, and why is your expression downcast?
Is it not true that if you do what is right, you will be fine?…”

So You won’t take my sacrifice?
What, my efforts won’t suffice!?
Your sight
Is blind to my sacrifice?
Did You not see how precise
How my planting was concise
Do You need to look twice
Doesn’t my profession fetch a price
In Your sight
You are like that!?

It’s how I make a living
Can’t you see my intention?
Does acceptance have condition?
It’s favouritism
That’s made Your decision
You’re like that!

I believe you are God
Does it matter the method
I built the altar does it matter what I put on!?
Why don’t You like that?

The words of Cain
Arise in my head again
But the Still Small Voice says in a whisper sane

Why do you give rise to evil passion
By action
Is shown your intention
Behold your reaction
Does display your heart’s condition

You stubbornly got passed caution
And kept going at your sin
Rooted. and your way is your pin
Makes it impossible to be obedient

And in the off-chance this is mistaken
See how you react to correction
Your said intention
Is betrayed by your action
It’s like that

You would sooner kill
Than obey the will
Of The One you supposedly build
The altar apparently sacrificial
Passed the facade, and into the actual
Your god is your will
And you like that

And though time is fast to fulfil
And the lesson should be a pill
Here is the spirit of Cain still
Like that

We are marching to Zion!
Dressed like that?
When He already gave the wedding garment
And instruction
On how to put it on
And instead you put on
For your city
Because you like that

He already clothes you in righteousness
Why do you want to display nakedness?
Who are you trying to impress
Or who’s character has made upon your heart an impress?

He has given you truth to set free
Why do you need
A lie to propogate slavery
You do this, and it is not for He
Yes, He can see
What you refuse blatantly
To see willingly
It shows when He makes His plea
And to set aright He sets plainly
If it’s Him you want to please
Forgiveness and ability
He offers freely
But hard as Pharaoh’s heart at the Red Sea
Don’t become like that

“….But if you do not do what is right, sin is crouching at the door. It desires to dominate you, but you must subdue it.”

*Some say they will bring their gift to God. For this what He has given me! I will do it with God sincere in my heart.

I thought I could with writing violent books win someone to Christ if they got the underlying message.

But you can’t get rid of dark with darkness. I thought to sanctify violence. Even in my skill in fighting video games.

Thank God He told me…. “Drop it”. And I did.
Painfully. But then He gave me something better. And now I write freely, violence-free mostly. And some soul to win hopefully. To truth written plainly in poetry.*


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