When I Say No!

*This is the return from When God says No*

You told the trees to grow
And without seed sown
Just by Your Word came the mighty Willow
The lowly bush and the wide boabab bough
The clustered fruit and the skinny bamboo did grow
Then You said i should grow
Plant myself by the rivers of life just so
Plant my life and Your Word know
And I will bring forth fruit which You would bestow
But I said No!

You taught the Weaver to make his nest
The blue jay to sing with zest
Even the peacock with his plumage blessed
You taught the pegion how to find her way home
The eagle how to fly over the storm
And the flock to never travel alone
Then you said to me follow
And I will show
You great and mighty things you didn’t know
And I said No!

You said to the oceans here and no farther
To the moon, you arrive as the evening marker
And to the sun, you are the morning starter
To the constellations stay and be the charter
Setting the seasons none could arrange any smarter
Then He said to me
Be still and know
And I said No!


Because I
Want to try
It my way

Because He who put the stars in place
May not know the best path to trace
He who told the waters to stop and go
May not know
The order in which my life should flow
Because He who taught the bird to make his nest
Doesn’t know where my heart should rest
Others He undoubtedly knows how to guide
But I think He missed a spot when it comes to mine
Everyone and everything has a purpose from The Divine
Of that there is enough evidence and signs
Yes, even in my own life

But there is that specific line
What if He wants me to go a way I don’t see as mine?
I know other excuses I have tried
But when honest it gives me goosebumps #RL Stine
There is that line
I sing I surrender all but I whisper inside
I say the rest is yours but this is mine
Because You let my hopes and loved ones die
I am once bitten and forever shy
This is what makes me shiver inside
So behind my No! I hide
Because there is something of which I
Feel denied
There! There is that line.

So you hear my No
And this is why
Why should I lie
You can see passed my heart and right inside

And still You knock on my
Heart from the outside
Asking me to let You inside
Though You could by might
My denial decline
Yet You ask that with me you dine
Not with all answers fine
But at least we can discuss that line
And why it’s better
To give you what I think is mine
And what it means for a life
To be put in to hands Divine
Because I know the bondage this line
Will become over time
A fetter to which I can’t say No matter how strong the try
And in it’s grip eventually die
And it won’t even invite me to dine
But feed on what is actually mine

But here is why I hold this line
How do I know, if I cease to decline
That everything will be fine
I don’t mean roses and a path sublime
But I just wanna know that in time
It will all be fine
If I make Yours all that is mine
So fine
I will erase the line
For a time

Must I?
But I want to
Here am I


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