Before Your Eyes

The reason why your eyes open wide
As life flashes before your eyes
Is not for fear or you’re terrified
It’s because you now realise
It really is going to be left behind
The money, the fame, the accolades that occupy the mind
We searched all of life only to find
Did we give up eternity to get our slice of the pie
Did we give up His Eternal presence for a deal on the side
Our eyes open wide because we realise

As life flashes before your eyes
As you give this life’s final sigh
Do you think you’ll wonder why
You didn’t get to watch that season finale
Or that high-heel you didn’t buy
But on how will you answer when The Lights draws nigh
How will you answer, will you reply
When faced with the option of Eternal Life
And you turned away, why?

When life flashes before our eyes
There won’t be a dry eye
As life’s panorama shows in the sky
Each of us seeing His cross and our reply
Each unconfessed act, naked to the eye
Each opportunity for life
Excused and hidden behind a lie
And what will you answer when He asks Why?

The reason a tear falls from your eye
As life passes by your eyes
These are not tears of sadness you cry
But regret for all the times you could’ve tried
And you let slip and pass by
The opportunity to serve the passerby
To offer them a glimpse of Eternal Life
Whom you already found in this life
Even if only for them to cause in their heart a little strife
Instead we chose the comforts of life
Which now for a moment flashes before our eyes


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