Misdiagnosed Knees

What’s worried me the most is
If possibly the focus
Was wrong what they told us
Pinned the wrong pivot
So circled in the wrong locus
Drift afloat like a lost lotus

What’s worried me the most is
And the drugs no matter how potent
Are useless
If the syndrome is not known yet
Could relieve the moment
But the long run, you have sold it

What’s worried me the most is
If you think your poverty
Is material solely
Your solution will be money
If you think your nakedness
Has no Spirit emphasis
Your solution will be length of dress
And fashion hot off the seamstress

And if your definition of good
Is misunderstood
We will not pray as we should
For we only see things and food
As good
And ask we would
Ignoring the Holy Spirit that we could
Ask for without ration withstood
For Our Father wants to give us what is good
But we think our problem is the hood
We think our problem is better vs. good
And not that we aren’t praying as we should

Our poverty is our wretchedness
Our supposed wisdom is our nakedness
Our self-exalt, our blindness
Our need above all is
The Holy Spirit’s presence
This is all good gifts rolled in one
Then our hearts will beat as one
With one another
And with God

And when we pray we will seek to become
Like Him, the cure and not the one to run from

Our need is greater than we see
And maybe that’s why we don’t fight on our knees


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