Whisper the Cause

If adultery wasn’t a problem
You wouldn’t need a condom
If there was only love
You wouldn’t need a gun
If no fear on your block
Who would make the lock
If none covetous
Then everyone you could trust
If hatred stayed
What bullet would be made
If viewed as the image of God
What porn would be looked upon
If image wasn’t a god
Modesty wouldn’t be a hard decision
We will see why we have victims
When we realise we’ve a system
That would rather relieve symptoms
Than admit the sin problem
And yes, I speak of ideals
But let’s be real
You don’t have to look harder like Rafiki
For you can easily see
We are not what we were meant to be
Also easy to see
Is choice is given to you and me
Do the right in all circumstance is duty
But do as I desire is also a choice given to me
So now you know why we have condoms
Is their rise in price gonna affect you some
You know why they made the gun
Are you gonna be someone’s reason to buy one
Kill or not kill why are you making the decision
Do you find it fun
Or is it the only option

At the end of the day
How did we get where we got today
Nothing new I’ll say
Fighting and wars, from whence come they
Lust and adultery
Is the unchanged heart at play
We seek some intelligent response today
About how the heart and tools of humanity
Can make a way
But the answer is simply
We must be born again


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