The Clueless Redeemed

I went to a store that is close to my work place. A very normal food run. I saw an old man there in the store.
He really just came to shop and nothing more, just like the rest of us. And you know how it is in a supermarket, seeing a shop attendant rolling a few empty trolleys back into their rightful place is not unusual.

But you know that little feeling you get when you are looking at something and you feel like something is about to go down, like something is going to happen? For a split second I got that feeling. And then it happened.

The shop attendant suddenly stopped and the trolley in the front of his stack rolled away, headed straight for the old man.

Then a young girl, waist high jeans, colourful face, probably a teenager took a few quick steps and stopped the renegade shopping trolley before it met it’s intended victim. It almost looked like she was meant to get that trolley. But even more interesting, the old man didn’t even know it all happened. He didn’t know he had been saved at all, he just went on toward the fruit section.

Have you ever thought about how many accidents, crises, deathtraps we “luckily” avoided. How many times we have avoided mishaps by happy accident.

Now imagine how many were averted and we didn’t even know about?
I read somewhere, today that until we get to heaven we won’t know just how many times our guardian angel (and other ministering angels) stepped in to avert the threats on our safety. We will only truly appreciate it in eternity. We should be greatful to God for the obedient care of these beings.

But on the thought of avoiding the worst harm and not knowing it. I only recently found out that God helped me escape from a treacherous snare. That snare is masturbation, which is a sin that plagues the Christian church more than you would be comfortable knowing.

“After all, it’s not sex.” (I shudder)

Masturbation is only second to illicit drugs in terms of its addictiveness. It can be more addictive than sex itself and so you will find married people still masturbating. Totally going against the purpose for which sex and the sexual organs were created in the first place. Highly addictive and secretive and some think it to be a lesser evil.

I thought it was. Even when I asked Christ to take the addictive behaviour from me along with my porn. To renew in me clean desires. And it was a struggle. An uphill battle but God is faithful and He held my hand and subdued my restless (lustful) desires. Even when I had convinced myself that I was harming nobody else, God stepped in and told me something was wrong with masturbation. But I had no idea just how deep of a pit He had rescued me from.

And so it is only recently, that I guage the might of Our Saviour. That He is able to save all, from the lowest pits and lift them up to be able to look up higher to Him.

So if there is anyone out there who feels like they are watching their loved one about to get smacked by a renegade trolley, going in a direction that can only lead to destruction, do not lose hope. Do not cease to pray for them. God may stop them before they even realise the full extent of their possible ruin. I didn’t know fully and He still came to my rescue.

Keep the faith. God is surely faithful. I know. And so do you.


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