Like That (what about my gift?)

“Then the LORD said to Cain, “Why are you angry, and why is your expression downcast?
Is it not true that if you do what is right, you will be fine?…”

So You won’t take my sacrifice?
What, my efforts won’t suffice!?
Your sight
Is blind to my sacrifice?
Did You not see how precise
How my planting was concise
Do You need to look twice
Doesn’t my profession fetch a price
In Your sight
You are like that!?

It’s how I make a living
Can’t you see my intention?
Does acceptance have condition?
It’s favouritism
That’s made Your decision
You’re like that!

I believe you are God
Does it matter the method
I built the altar does it matter what I put on!?
Why don’t You like that?

The words of Cain
Arise in my head again
But the Still Small Voice says in a whisper sane

Why do you give rise to evil passion
By action
Is shown your intention
Behold your reaction
Does display your heart’s condition

You stubbornly got passed caution
And kept going at your sin
Rooted. and your way is your pin
Makes it impossible to be obedient

And in the off-chance this is mistaken
See how you react to correction
Your said intention
Is betrayed by your action
It’s like that

You would sooner kill
Than obey the will
Of The One you supposedly build
The altar apparently sacrificial
Passed the facade, and into the actual
Your god is your will
And you like that

And though time is fast to fulfil
And the lesson should be a pill
Here is the spirit of Cain still
Like that

We are marching to Zion!
Dressed like that?
When He already gave the wedding garment
And instruction
On how to put it on
And instead you put on
For your city
Because you like that

He already clothes you in righteousness
Why do you want to display nakedness?
Who are you trying to impress
Or who’s character has made upon your heart an impress?

He has given you truth to set free
Why do you need
A lie to propogate slavery
You do this, and it is not for He
Yes, He can see
What you refuse blatantly
To see willingly
It shows when He makes His plea
And to set aright He sets plainly
If it’s Him you want to please
Forgiveness and ability
He offers freely
But hard as Pharaoh’s heart at the Red Sea
Don’t become like that

“….But if you do not do what is right, sin is crouching at the door. It desires to dominate you, but you must subdue it.”

*Some say they will bring their gift to God. For this what He has given me! I will do it with God sincere in my heart.

I thought I could with writing violent books win someone to Christ if they got the underlying message.

But you can’t get rid of dark with darkness. I thought to sanctify violence. Even in my skill in fighting video games.

Thank God He told me…. “Drop it”. And I did.
Painfully. But then He gave me something better. And now I write freely, violence-free mostly. And some soul to win hopefully. To truth written plainly in poetry.*



Above it the Seraphs stood
Picture each with six wings, if you would
With two wings they covered their faces
With two they covered their feet, that stood in holy places
And with two to fly

They called out to one another,
Look at me!
Can you see?
The splendour that I be

The other sighed
and rolled the eyes
And said, not you but behold I
Do you see the way I fly

You realise
That this is wrong
I can’t go on long
Becuase we know this isn’t the Seraph’s song
About themselves they sing none

So to boast about self why do we run
Our devotion should only be to One
When Him alone we look upon
This will be our only song sung
And not to look at another one

“Holy, holy, holy is the Lord who commands armies! His majestic splendor fills the entire earth!”

The Making of A Rapist

Never taught what makes
On what being a man is staked

Never was defined
So in their mind
This is fine
For some teacher signed
On how strength is defined

They will not be denied
The ability to say no to appetite
Has been fried
After all why
Should a desire subside

Always given when they whined
So how dare you and why
Would make you deny

They do not see the line
Between what’s yours and mine
Being denied
Reveals the lack they hide
And is now exposed to other eyes
That must not abide
I must have what is mine

They don’t know how to give choice
To them resistance is noise
They can silence
By force or manipulance

And it all starts
When you refuse to give them a biscuit
Can you train them to obey reason
Rather than the desire of the season
Not only is everything not their possession
But belongs to God
And has the signature of His hand
And given to another to have
That a ‘no’ is not always bad
And if you are reaching out a hand
A free choice will come back
For if you don’t learn that
Call me an extremist
If this lesson is missed
Understanding you can’t have all biscuits
It may be the making of a rapist

Beware: Dangerous Man

The man who has held on to God
And has on the trial road trod
Do not that man push and prod
To let go of God
For Whom they have given over and above

If convinced
To give up Peace’s Prince
To Whom they had readily given all since
A man who evil could not convince
Will change in an instance
Seemingly without notice

If you get her to turn from God’s hand
And the little she had
That by faith she grabbed
The virtues she had
Persuaded it has no value to add
You just exchanged a good woman
For your selfish plan
Heed, my warning firmly stands
She is a dangerous woman

A man learned in not fearing Earth’s consequence
Will go in directions that make no sense
Knows the meaning of fulfilling existence
And has known His glory’s brilliance
Disciplined in making a difference
Used to the tension of resistance
And now geared towards temporal pittance
Knowing it has no eternal significance
Has no regard for discriminance
I caution you with insistance

A weak sense of temperance
Is less dangerous
Than a fully grown corrupted conscience
For it has no need of resistance
And will go a hundred percent
In the opposite

If the spark of temptation
You continue to fan
On this warning I stand
This is a dangerous man

Don’t provoke the man
He is already dodging darts of satan
Don’t let your words on a strained back
Be the final strand

You will have a dangerous man

Poor Miserable Blind

Samson, Where does your strength lie?
She sings it to me in a lullaby
I told her and I slipped into beddy by

She whispered the sweet lies of Babylon
And I listened to her instead of the Name of the Lord call upon
I forgot that God had a plan
That He had guided me by His hand
That by His truths He had told me to stand
By these He gave the strength of His hands
And His vows upon me was held in the long strands
The locks I let be run through by her hands
But my demise she had planned
Though in her bed she did let me land
There I found temporary pleasure and
A grateful voice unlike in my land

Though she be of another land
And my demise she has planned
But my needs were like burning sand
And her eyes my flames fanned
To hold back I could not stand
As I said to my father way back
Unequally yoked but give me her hand
Afterall, God would not remove His hand
Just because of a few snipped strands

But now I stand
In between pillars
Both eye sockets are missing their fillers
And the sport of the Philistines I am
Lord, why did You remove Your hand
Just over a few strands
And then it hit me as under their mocking jeers I did stand
This is not what You had planned
It wasn’t about long strands
It wasn’t about tearing the bands
Or the strength of a man

It was supposed to be a show of how a good God can work through man
I was supposed to represent you in the land
But it was Your Spirit moving through me
And by Your mercy
You still worked through me
Until was found in me iniquity

Now to the Philistine
I am all sorts
Of sport
But I deserve this of course
I didnt deserve the mercy that was Yours
Wait… Mercy

LORD, will You hear me?
Please hear my plea
Please give ear from your temple heavenly
I remember when you worked through me
When you granted through me
The nation’s victory
And though I am not what you made me to be
It’s me

Driven low and in need
I know you had a paln for me
But I blew it for what I could see
And now I can’t even see
LORD, please grant me
Your Spirit that maybe this time you might be seen
No, not for me
But please, for it is of Your name they make a mockery
They think mightily of idolatry

Though I failed to stand for You, my plea
Is stand through me
In this latter day
Pour out Your Spirit Holy
And show yourself mighty
Not for me
But to keep your name Holy
Let me
Though I’ve spent the bulk of your given wealth
Today, die to self

“…So the dead which he slew at his death were more than they which he slew in his life.”
-Judges 16:30


As I look around
And forgive the way this sounds
But as I look around
And wheels of my chair help me get around
Though I roam freely, it seems I am bound

I see
Everyone else who is like me
With this or that special need
And they beg on the floor or beg on the street
And I wonder if that is the future for me
Is that the end of my story

Will I forever be
A sight to look at and be sorry
And so take advantage and make my plea
Give me, give me, give me
And they will give to set their concious free
Is that the only life for me

That though I give all of me
It is never as much as you need
Because there is missing a part of me
Which they can use freely

Is my future bound
I hate the way this sounds
But this is all I see when I look around
Until I cast my eyes heavenward bound

Though I
May not be like every other passer by
And though I
May not be able to say my hips don’t lie
I will choose the truth and shun the lie
For that is a decision I make in my mind
So it doesn’t matter on what I ride wheels
Or legs of plastic and steel
My choice to be real
And not make sympathy my meal
Is a decision with which we all have to deal

Though by this chair, bound I feel
It’s not a fantasy, this is real
I am not like you and you are not like me
But upon me God still seeks to set His seal

Look what He did with a stammer in Moses
And on the king’s table he sat Mephibosheth
Or what he could do with the blind eyes
Of Fanny Crosby
All the way My Saviour leads me
Indeed eye hath not seen
And still be able to say to God be the glory

Or what You did in the life of Eareckson Joni
People think she gave You her shoulders up only
They think its magic like Ta-da!
She gave you all of her
To tell me the promises
In this my future’s promise is

And so
By this chair I feel bound
My future is not determined by what is around
But determined by if I listen to the sound
Of Your voice In my, heart for the promised land I am bound

“The spirit of the sovereign LORD is upon me, because the LORD has chosen me. He has commissioned me to encourage the poor, to help the brokenhearted, to decree the release of captives, and the freeing of prisoners,
– Isaiah 61

They Don’t Know

The people think I do this on my own
They think by this, some intelligence is shown
That as the words hit the page
I have unearthed some desire of the age
That I just did a moonwalk and their eyes are my stage
They don’t know

The people think this is me
That somehow the words just flow free
That when I speak
So freely
Of things that matter dearly
And of urgency
They don’t know

When there are writ matters hidden deep in hearts
And touch strings in them like a harp
So they take down notes, melodious and sharp
They say write on, use the keyboard as your darts
They don’t know

These are words You have written
So when tempted with flattery to be smitten
I am quickly by reality bitten
And humility covers me with You like a mitten

Because I know the truth
I remember what I used to write in the sins of my youth
Of murder and scenes uncouth
Of large blades and warriors of a violent heart proof
And now counted dung to tell the truth
They don’t know

This is not me
This is the opportunity
Given me
The chance to be
A part of Your ministry
Evrything is given me
Because You saved a wretch like me
I hope it is You they see
And not me
They don’t know
They need to know

And something whispers to me
Takes it for me
Takes it for me

Don’t tell them
Takes it for me
Then that bite of reality
How can I take what never belonged to me?
More of Him and less of me.