I have no weapon of my own

And those I did once own

They have proven prone

To shatter and worthy to be thrown

For trials’ heat have shown

Them as soft as snow

As make believe as John and the iron throne

Truly a game not real as blood and bone
I have no weapon of my own

And a heart made of stone

Never wanting to be left alone

But too hostile to give any mate a home

So a heart always on the roam

Back and forth like the ocean foam
I have no weapon of my own

And my swordsmanship is gone

What I thought was rapid has now been slown

Down to the sound of a dull moan

Unless more of my soul is drawn

Into arts as dark as the skin tone

And how can I when it’s known

Death is the harvest when darkness sown
I have no weapon of my own

But Your word is the only sword known

To conquer time’s throne

Here I am, unarmed and exposed

Cold and alone

Lord, replace this heart of stone

And create one like your own

That out of me your love maybe shown

That I may not struggle tooth and bone

For to lean on self, I am prone

Let me take Your yoke alone
I have no weapon of my own

For what I had, at Your worthy feet, I have thrown

And I ask grace to me be shown

And justice I seek at your throne

For these two are the founding stone

So I submit, not my will but Thine own
Take me

And make me 

The weapon I need to be

Or rather the instrument you made me to be

Take my life and let me be

A reflection of You and not me.


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