Let Me

Let me

Paint a picture to see
A woman of voluptuous figure

So wowed your eyes could get no bigger

As her heeled saunter is killer

The desire she triggers

As she bends over and sends shivers

In Daisy Duke bum shorts, go figure

She takes a picture

And there in the caption letter

Psalms 139:14

Is this the fearfully made wonder?

It’s okay because the verse makes it holier
Let me

Paint a picture to see
He has just come

A hard days work from

Tie already half-highered

Hungry and tired

Wishing he would get fired

Walks in the door hoping she wouldn’t call him a liar

One day early from the boardroom mire

To get to the bedroom to a sight uninspired

But as the intruder jumps off his wife as if she were a hot wire

He grabs his Bible in need dire

From his pastorly attire

And with heavy breath inspire

He blinks hard and through perspire

“Verse 17 of 54 Isaiah!”

Is this what the promise of God inspires?
Let me paint no more

And give the point you may have ignored
This goes past holy ghost fire!

And hiding behind a 
Not everything with a verse tagged on

Can be by Christ bragged on

Just because they say Christian song

Doesn’t mean it’s a track Christ would jump on

And if it said Christian porn. It’s not something Christ would look on.
Not everyone who calls Him Lord, Lord

Humbly handles His sword

The double-edged ward

Of each soul that is drawn heavenward

Thus sayeth The LORD
Yet even with His word being mocked impure

One thing is sure

God is still God, unchanged pure

Child of God don’t catch the lure

They will be filled those who for righteousness thirst and hunger
Humbly see your need

Continue to sow good seed

The snares of discouragement don’t heed

Neither the trap of mumbling feed

Realise that He loves you through and through

So behave like it too

Though others may make vice of your virtue

Because you didn’t say “me too!”

And stumbling block others maybe but that doesn’t have to be you

Out of bondage He has saved you

Don’t longingly look back and Egypt pursue.


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