What is Sin 

*This could end up being a growing poem*
Death is the wages of sin

But what is sin
From some I get the sense

That I am a sin by my very existence

Is this true in this instance
For all have sinned

Does that mean I am destined

To fall short of salvation

Born in

Sin and in

Iniquity shapen

Not my fault then

That I have bin

Faultily equippen
Sin is transgression

Against the law of God steppin

Under our feet tramplin

Walking our own way knowing

The will of God is calling

Is not temptation

But temptation meets its expectation

Thought through and not met with elimination

Allowed a dwelling

Then it becomes sin

Not always an outward action

Which is the scary thing

Every sin starts from within
Whoever looks on a woman

In lust has sinned

Whoever has a neighbour and contniues to hate him

He is cherishing sin

Lack of opportunity may not allow the situation

But in

The heart it is committed
So what hope is there

Because in front of God we are all laid bare

Under His holy stare

For me, what hope is there
The hope is in

The power of God to save from sin

That though of death we are deserving

Christ lived a selfsless life of serving

Form the law not swerving

And finally our sins taking

On the cross bearing

And the separation tearing

That we may in His righteousness have a sharing
Though all have sinned

We are all destined a victory to win

Over sin

Through Him

Who for love gave in

His own life laying

Down to gather us up

Drinking from wrath’s cup

So that at the Lamb’s supper we may sup
Not only do we get pardon

But set in

The path to overcome sin

Ths is not renovation


Is Transformation

From sin, a renewing

A new heart creation

Not a feeling

Whooping and fleeting


But a surrendering 


Daily from a heart of contrtion


Our helpless mission

Of selfish ambition
For Jesus did not overcome

Because He was His Son

Then what risk would He have run

And why would satan

Bother with his temptations

Jesus wants us to overcome

As He had done

Every weapon

He had is offered to His daughters and sons

This is a battle already won

If we stick to “It is written”
The way Jesus overcame sin

Is the same way we overcome when born again

By constantly submitting

Living not my will but His
So what is sin

It is trangression

Knowing right and choosing

Not to walk therein

So the more light shone in 

The more from you we’re expecting

Like an adult compared to children

And choosing ignorance is light rejecting
We are not a walking sin

Sin by existence

Being the sons of Adam

But when we are drawn away by temptation

Then we sin
But if we stumble and do sin

He stands in

If by faith we come to Him

In humble confession

He’s faithful and just to cleanse us from sin

And righteousness He clothes us in
There is not sin


There is just sin

One and the same

Poor, miserable, decrepid

And by faith in Jesus’s sacrifice

We have life

By faith in His life

And looking to Him

We are overcoming

He didn’t just forgive her and say

“Go and sin…”

He put “…no more” in the end


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