Is This The Way 

*This is inspired by a friend who was vulnerable enough to share their very real testimony with the church.*

So is this the

Way you wanted me

To live
When you called me

I thought it was to life abundantly 

To prosperity 

Every endeavour turn successfully 

Then why are there


In my heart and hands

The dust of broken dreams turned to sand

It’s not even gold

So it can’t be sold

It’s cold

And brings tears to my soul
So is this the

Way you wanted me

To walk
When I heard you talk

To follow where You walk

I expected no fault

And access to an endless gold vault

Not hopes put to a screeching halt 

Are these tears my fault?

Was I wrong to give up the liquor malt

Was I wrong when I chose to become salt
Because I know I am not without fault

But your grace put my sin under key and bolt

And I didn’t earn that by backflip or somersault

But Your mercy alone
So is this the 

Way you wanted me 

To see
I turned to your word

And invited the Comforter

You told us we would go through trial

That we would be seen as vile

That you would teach self-denial
You didn’t say this so that we be offended 

Or that our smiles be pretended

But so when it happened 

We would know you told the truth 

Our lives being living proof
We see the 11 disappointed in the cross

The 12th brother betray and lost

John in jail locked

And Moses, Jordan he never crossed
But Moses was raised from the dead

John never tossed faith though lost his head

Through Judas you educate

And we avoid in our own wisdom leaning our fate

And the cross that was a shame 

Is the instrument that destroys hate

And the tool by which He is exalted above all names
Is this the Way? 

Is this the role my tears play?

That some lost soul will be saved?

Your true character displayed

In the long run, clearly made

And the endless vault goes past gold paid

But is a well of water springing from within me.
Is this the Way?

Then only this I pray

Please don’t let go of me.


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