Snuck In

I snuck into heaven one day

How? I can’t say
I heard the harps they played

The vocal peace that was made

As the river’s melody stayed

No sound strayed

All in one melody layed

Out unafraid

And unashamed
There was an abundance of food but no slaughter house

No blood to clean out

No KFC finger lickin’

But no one was complainin’

There was much activity

And yet such unity
From the temple of God I heard

Them shout one Word


The LORD is One eternal only

In love Three in Unity
I snuck into heaven one day

How? I can’t say.
The wings rushed in and out

The Sanctuary all the fuss was about

Ministering angels being sent out 

On the authority of no doubt

Or limit or drought

The Ladder Jacob dreamt about

The Mediator who mightily pours the Spirit out

For those who ask the evil to rout

Pleading His own blood for their offense to mount
I snuck into heaven one day

How? I can’t say
I wanted to stay

For eternity 

But in my head this thought did play 

Are you ready?

Have your robes had sin washed away

In the blood He lay

Out that day?

Have you accepted the sacrifice payed

Or are you trying to pay your own way
Have you offered grace and mercy

To the oppressed justice, water to the thirsty

Not to earn My love 

But because you are loved

Freely give because I gave to you and for you freely

You are not in heaven yet

But I need you to be a reflection to those who have not met

Me in true love yet

As was your opportunity to get
So live like you won’t sneak in

Tip-toe to peek in

But like you already have the place that I’m promising

Live like there is a place prepared for them


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