I know that you have probably gotten used to poetry from me. It has been an effective way to communicate what has been given me to say. But this, I needed to put out in just plain writing. Maybe it will be a poem later but the lesson must come out clear first.
“Do not be overcome by evil but overcome evil with good.”

Some would think it obvious (in the Christian mindset) that you overcome evil with good. But I wanted to bring to mind the thought that this is actually a fight.

Evil is to be abused, to be stabbed in the back, to be ridiculed for pleasure and (many other atrocities) then you are asked for that evil to return grace, patience, forgiveness!?

This can’t be right!

And many walk away from a Christ-like life in fear of being a door mat.

Or even because they got tired of fighting and seeing the wicked in themselves arise again and again. When you try to do right, things go wrong and your heart tends to have the wrong motive, so what’s the point?
Allow me to suggest that this fight maybe fought the wrong way or taken from the wrong standpoint.
To overcome does not mean that it will vanish. It means it is conquered. I mean that it must be a fight. There is an opposing force to be overcome.
As in if you still feel the hatred rise up in you for a person you have forgiven that hatred should be overcome by God’s love and compassion for you and so for them, that person’s eternal value in the sight of God so much so that the hatred fades into nothingness.
Lust to be overcome by integrity, faithfulness and contentment for what you have been given. And hope in what God has in store for you.
Pride to be overcome by selflessness, and humility. The realisation that we are dependent on Him.
The instinct to do evil will come But that does not mean you have lost, yet. Be instant in prayer, ask God to overcome that thought, submit to Him so making every temptation to do evil an opportunity to pray. Don’t let the evil set in.
We switch on the light because we want the darkness around us to flee. Now that the darkness is gone, we can switch off the light and the darkness will stay away, right?
Exactly. So why do we think this will not be a fight to overcome evil with good?
To replace the betrayals of people with the promises and trust in God.
To replace our hatred with His love.
To replace our idols with the Living God and His word.
To replace people’s shame of you with the comfort of God.
The great thing is God is ever ready to reach out His hand to give us wisdom and teach us His ways. 

(I recommend reading Psalms 86) 
Don’t get frustrated and use that as excuse to be overcome. Not when God still has His hand outstretched to gather you up and overcome the darkness.
Reach out for Him in faith, seek Him while He may be found, and that is today.

It may not be articulate but reach out nonetheless. Reach for Jesus Christ.


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