Go Away Pider

He didn’t know the power

He gave a 5 year old that hour

Similar to a bazooka

Or even a warhead nuclear
Let me back up

To when they used to stack up

The threats

To get

Me to obey
Eat your peas or

Even just eat all

Do this or else

If you do that (insert threat)
I don’t know what creature

They scared you with before you came of stature

My foe was of 8-legged nature

More limbs than I had years
But one day I was with the untouchable

The unscareable

The bigger than big brother

The title holder, aka Father

Aka daddy 
He sees his son scared of this 8 appended one

And to see this he was having none 

He tells me like he is giving me bullets to a magic gun

Stay still, don’t run

Stand your ground he inspired

Wave your hand and these words  fire

Go away spider!
Really? That simple? 

But I didn’t doubt him even a little 

With no stutter or fiddle 

I shouted his order

At 8-legged liar

Go’way pider!
And it hopped away

Ha! Ha! Ha! I was now free to play

I didn’t care what they say

Hit em with the go’way
The time did pass and came

A day

Do this or the spider will have his way

I said it without delay

My new weapon fire

Go’way pider!
They couldn’t use the spider again 

My dad chuckled and shook his head

Not the result he expected

But my fear was gone of the 8-legged
Now I wonder why

I let fear drive

Me from the weapons 


To His children

His promises are sure

And for purposes more pure

The weakest of His submitted ones

Cannot be overcome

Not by minion or satan

When we come

Standing believing in The One

Who saved us by His blood

To Whom is given all power and dominion

I don’t care if it’s fear or tempted to be a liar

You are Child of God, inspired….
Go’way pider!


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