You Don’t Understand 

You don’t understand 

What it’s like to be broke

To be the regular folk

With no dime or note

To rub together or float

Don’t understand? 

No place I had

To lay My head a Nomad

Holes though the foxes had

Millionaire carpenters, you think we were

And yet I heard My Father’s word
You don’t understand 

What it’s like to lose a loved one

Sure, on the cross You hung

But what about living with Your heart broken

By death’s steal, today’s bonds undone

Don’t understand? 

I had the power to raise a friend 

From the dead

But they took My cousin’s head

It was My siblings and mother left

Did you hear anymore of Joseph?

You think it was easy to watch death

But I was working towards the eternal

Healing of reunited hearts 

So I had to allow the temporal

On them the sleep to fall

So still I heard My Father’s word 
You don’t understand

What it is to be lonely

To be the only

One in the room cold stoney

Rejected by many

Don’t understand?

I was often alone

40days the wilderness my home

Scratch that even in the multitude prone 

To be sick for heaven, My Father’s abode

Far, far, away from home

And don’t make Me

Remind you of Gethsemane

Though I Am their Shepherd and Friend

They forsook Me and fled

I had to let them go

Trusting My Father knows

And yet I still heard My Father’s word
You don’t understand 

What it means to be abused

To be shamed, ridiculed

To be scarred beyond surface tissue

The trauma creating issues

You command I forfeit the rightful revenge due?

And love pursue?

Don’t understand? 

Is crucifixion at Calvary hidden from view

As I died I asked Him to forgive you

You know not what you do

You thought I was one like you

To use

The evil as excuse

But it pleased Me to rescue you

Yes, I became like you

But I did not choose as you do

Sin to run to

So that you could choose

My mercy and truth to do
I walked alone

A path we walk together I walked through and through

You say I don’t understand you


I do


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