Dead 3:16

What happens when we die

I mean to you and I 

They ask me and I sigh 

Because we won’t see eye to eye

So I start on a note that’s high
I ain’t afraid of no ghost

In busters I will not boast

Don’t believe in friendly Casper like most

But neither do I think it’s my loved ones trying to send me a post

Would change the meaning of the Snapchat ghost

A reach beyond 6feet a toast
What happens when we die

Don’t try step to the side

And behind social media banter hide

So I sigh
Okay, I won’t deny

You won’t like what I 

Know happens when we say good bye
We don’t get wings and fly

We don’t get pulled down to fry

We don’t sit in a waiting room twiddling thumbs

We don’t scream eternally as devils roast bums
It’s simple, we go to sleep

We knew this back when RIP

We wrote on the concrete

We sleep

Sound peaceful complete 

Ly unaware of the living’s deeds

We catch zees
The dead know nothing 

They don’t give praise

From beyond the grave 

They remain until that day

Just as Acts 2 about David says
With exceptions few

Enoch, Elijah and Moses too

And the biblical silent witness of the few


Were raised from the dead too

Never saying how heaven beautiful

Or dark hell will be for you

Because that’s not what they went through
Sadly I can’t deny ghosts

But they are not as is believed by most

That is satan and his host

Trying to pull the biggest hoax
Because they know

If you heard a message from below 

From lips of your beloved

You would hardly say no

Why have a resurrection when 

We already in heaven
We sleep the breath goes back to He who gave

And we all lie in the grave

As we await

The Archangel’s trumpet play
Told you you wouldn’t like what I say
But it is not I 

Even your favourite verse doesn’t deny

That whosoever believes won’t die

But have everlasting life

If we burn forever alive

It would be a torturous fate

That no one would rather take

But wait

Wouldn’t we still be alive

That would make the verse a lie

Because we wouldn’t die

I have heard that lie

“you won’t surely die”
What happens when we die

I won’t lie

It’s a truth I would rather shy

Away and hide

But the truth opens eyes

Just as the faithful now asleep

Will open their eyes

Quit thinking like Hollywood and cartoons and put the Scripture on for size


One comment on “Dead 3:16

  1. […] Death is a very sensitive topic to tackle. Probably because every person on this earth (unless stopped short by Divine intervention) is headed toward that destination. Then there is the emotional impact of losing those we have been walking so comfortably with in our lives.  Actually death has more impact on the ones who continue to live than on those who are dead. And many have no idea what death means. Where do they go? Where do we go? When do we meet again? Do we meet again? Then I wrote about death from a strictly Biblical perspective in a short poem not long ago, I barely scratched the surface and probably left more questions than answers (not a good way to handle death). So I realised that I may have to spell out the piece I wrote: Dead 3:16 […]


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