I Could Have Been 

Some look back and reminisce

What if that what if this

When they chose Christ, the life they miss
I could have been

The main act on scene

The hottest thing on big screen

But I didn’t sign the dotted line they submitted to me

I gave in to Him rather than do season 3

I gave up the money

And I joined a mission team

To a place obscure and unseen

Only for this letter to come to me

“We need money

They stopped treatment for daddy 

We can’t pay the fee

And they called to say they want you back on screen

Why aren’t you all you could have been 

Come home, can’t you see our need”

And the tears stop me

From being able to see

And I can only fall to my knees

I could have been 

But You called me 

I gave all to Thee

All of me

And now You’re killing Daddy?!

I could have been….
Switch scene 
I could have been

The doctorate

Greatness was my fate

The dream my food and the title my plate

A future as sweet as chocolate 

Till with The Saviour I came face to face

And a secret thirst He did satiate

And what was once sweet now had bitter taste

I desired His love independent of my success rate

His eternal love, compassionate 

At His Word, me heart did race

Now I collapse behind this pulpit

Like if I had life someone pulled it

Cause on this message is writ

“While you are out being an evangelist

Your son is addicted to spirits

Don’t you care that little bit

You preach love but don’t show it

If you had continued your doctorate

We wouldn’t be in this predicament

When God called you, is this what He meant

Instead of the goals and dreams we had set

To these lowly households almost tents

Are we sentenced

We can barely pay the bills and rents

I am your wife but that could be past tense.

Come home and of this let’s make sense”

And from his knees

Comes the plea

“Lord, I could have been

The best doctor on the scene

The biggest star in the theatre of surgery

In suburbia, sitting comfy

But You called me

And I heard Thee

Your words you gave me

And fire kindled within me

I could have been 

The unstoppable dream

But I gave that even willingly

Why do you now take my family

Have I not given enough for Thee…”
Switch scene 
Lord, I could have been married

With at least two seed

But You called Me

And I had to say no to those not yoked to Thee

And now all have ceased to pursue me

Lord, why have you let me stay lonely

Have you forgotten me

Should I take care of me
Switch scene
I could have been

The best athlete

But you gave beauty by putting gospel in my feet

I was your minister in the street

But this stray bullet got me

And now I can’t use my feet 

Stuck in this wheeled seat

LORD, is this how you meet

My submission complete
Switch sce….STOP
There is much we don’t understand 

Is this what He planned?

Was I wrong to follow His command?

I could have been more but now here I stand
I can only tell you of how His hand

In my life has laid a Golden Strand

I have lost much

People in my life death has touched

I actually don’t have much

And in this world, I have no titles and such

My body is so beaten, miracle I don’t use a crutch

And the ladies are not flocking for my touch

I recieve more “no”s and “yes” not as much

This much

I can say in full trust
I could have been

Broken and empty

Lost eternally 

Confident externally

But filled with insecurity

Totally set up materially 

Running from eternity

Peace would be imaginary

Courage would be a fairy

Love a vulnerability

And violence my artillery
I could have been

Everything I wanted to be

And then He called Me

And I am no longer me

For He lives in me

For in love He

Laid down His life for me

And the cross He keeps in view to see

Just how much He loves me

How can I not trust what He wants for me

Even when the wind stormy

All around me is all I see

The more I lose me the more He gains me

And so the more free I am to be me truthfully
I could have been me

But why chase a dream

When there is reality

Of eternity

And through me, you offer to be seen
So when I think of what I could be

Please, remind me

Not who I think you should be

But who You Are

*and this is not to give a magic bullet answer but in a realistic way let someone know they are not alone and that there is hope. God is faithful and good, that’s why you can hold on just a little longer, don’t give in. The promise is nigh*



I have no weapon of my own

And those I did once own

They have proven prone

To shatter and worthy to be thrown

For trials’ heat have shown

Them as soft as snow

As make believe as John and the iron throne

Truly a game not real as blood and bone
I have no weapon of my own

And a heart made of stone

Never wanting to be left alone

But too hostile to give any mate a home

So a heart always on the roam

Back and forth like the ocean foam
I have no weapon of my own

And my swordsmanship is gone

What I thought was rapid has now been slown

Down to the sound of a dull moan

Unless more of my soul is drawn

Into arts as dark as the skin tone

And how can I when it’s known

Death is the harvest when darkness sown
I have no weapon of my own

But Your word is the only sword known

To conquer time’s throne

Here I am, unarmed and exposed

Cold and alone

Lord, replace this heart of stone

And create one like your own

That out of me your love maybe shown

That I may not struggle tooth and bone

For to lean on self, I am prone

Let me take Your yoke alone
I have no weapon of my own

For what I had, at Your worthy feet, I have thrown

And I ask grace to me be shown

And justice I seek at your throne

For these two are the founding stone

So I submit, not my will but Thine own
Take me

And make me 

The weapon I need to be

Or rather the instrument you made me to be

Take my life and let me be

A reflection of You and not me.

Let Me

Let me

Paint a picture to see
A woman of voluptuous figure

So wowed your eyes could get no bigger

As her heeled saunter is killer

The desire she triggers

As she bends over and sends shivers

In Daisy Duke bum shorts, go figure

She takes a picture

And there in the caption letter

Psalms 139:14

Is this the fearfully made wonder?

It’s okay because the verse makes it holier
Let me

Paint a picture to see
He has just come

A hard days work from

Tie already half-highered

Hungry and tired

Wishing he would get fired

Walks in the door hoping she wouldn’t call him a liar

One day early from the boardroom mire

To get to the bedroom to a sight uninspired

But as the intruder jumps off his wife as if she were a hot wire

He grabs his Bible in need dire

From his pastorly attire

And with heavy breath inspire

He blinks hard and through perspire

“Verse 17 of 54 Isaiah!”

Is this what the promise of God inspires?
Let me paint no more

And give the point you may have ignored
This goes past holy ghost fire!

And hiding behind a 
Not everything with a verse tagged on

Can be by Christ bragged on

Just because they say Christian song

Doesn’t mean it’s a track Christ would jump on

And if it said Christian porn. It’s not something Christ would look on.
Not everyone who calls Him Lord, Lord

Humbly handles His sword

The double-edged ward

Of each soul that is drawn heavenward

Thus sayeth The LORD
Yet even with His word being mocked impure

One thing is sure

God is still God, unchanged pure

Child of God don’t catch the lure

They will be filled those who for righteousness thirst and hunger
Humbly see your need

Continue to sow good seed

The snares of discouragement don’t heed

Neither the trap of mumbling feed

Realise that He loves you through and through

So behave like it too

Though others may make vice of your virtue

Because you didn’t say “me too!”

And stumbling block others maybe but that doesn’t have to be you

Out of bondage He has saved you

Don’t longingly look back and Egypt pursue.

The Broken Bride

From the get-go you could sense

This wedding had difference

The air was tense

Perhaps because of the essence

Of the three messages

No mistaking what the lesson is
Preached by the bridal party

The message is


God and give Him glory

Fallen is Babylon was the second’s story

Come out of her, don’t ignore Me

This is redemption’s story
Then they heard the party’s third clearly state

Beware the beast and the counterfeit he paints

Those who don’t heed, a mark of death awaits

But then here is the patience of the saints
And so now the saints

Did patiently wait
From the get-go you could sense

This wedding had difference
The best man was dressed

With no mind to impress

But his message he did stress

The kingdom is at hand. Repent

His cry like a voice in the wilderness
Then to everyone’s surprise 

Came out the bride

Broken and battered no make up could hide

In her stature or dress, no comeliness to find

On her face tracks of tears she had cried

From the broken promises of lovers who had lied

No white in her dress could you recognise

Who could possibly want this bride

What manner of…. Of….. Why?

She stands, waiting down the aisle

Who would want her,  she may stand their a while
Then the Groom steps out

So horrified no one could shout

He had been bruised and battered

Wounded and spit splattered

His body showed a heart shattered 
But in His eyes were eternal pools of love

Past the blood

Underneath the crown of thorns they had shoved

Was a gaze that went over and above

What we know as love
He stood at the top of the aisle

All eyes upon Him all the while

He looked at His bride and instead of smile

He laid down His life in a lifeless pile

You will miss Me but for a while

He said as He died
Who was going to marry this bride meanwhile

His blood poured down the aisle

His life without guile

Poured for this wretched child

She collapsed, groaned and cried

What wedding is this, where the Groom dies

And who would give Himself for such a bride

The crimson red reaches down the aisle
The blood touches her crumpled dress

And to the eyes a sight does bless

Light enshrouds and does caress

Slivers of gold about her mesh

Covering her from curious sight

And filling the venue in holy light
When the light dims and leaves a glow

Behold her true beauty does show

Her face, a beauty never known

From her heart streams of water flow

And her dress without wrinkle and white as snow
Then from the other end

The shout of resurrection 

The glory that did attend

Would your idea of reality bend
The sound of a rushing wind 

A voice like chariots and lighting

“I AM, I Live”
The Groom

His glory fills the room

He now stands tall

As if He never did fall

His eyes like fire

His feet like bronze worship inspire

His words like swords pierce the entire

Atmosphere and make worldly Majesty a liar

And on His robe’s thigh

This inscribed

KING OF kings (forget Mufasa things)

LORD OF Lords (forget the rings)
Melodic voices fly on wings

A victor’s song they begin to sing

Who is this King 

Of glory they sing 

Lift up your heads ye eternal gates

This is the King

His bride He awaits

No longer as she walks to Him
You behold the story told

You saw redemption unfold
From the get-go you could sense

This wedding had difference
Now you look at yourself

Despised the bride of infinite wealth

By what you saw and felt

And not by the price that He dealt

The promise He fulfilled 

And will see through till her complete build
Are you wearing the garment for which He foot the bill

Are you like one of the Virgins ten, sleeping still

Wake up! The time has reached its fill
The Bridegroom cometh!

There Was No King 

There was no King

In Israel they did everything 

To which they had a right feeling 
Let’s appoint any Jack & Jim

To do priestly ministering

Get some pagans to sing

As long as they can play the thing

And the priest is mine as long as I pay him

And give him a sort of anointing

Taking lightly propheting
There was no King

In Israel they did everything 

To which they had a right feeling 
To take the stranger in

And then get his wife raped and beaten

Oh but wait that wasn’t his wife even

Twas a concubine, side-ting

Which isn’t right

‘Specially for a minister’s kid

Granted she had cheated on him

But to kick her out he did

To stop the local hooligans 

From his rear poking

Made no bid

For humanity’s goodness inherited

Need I mention what they did

Hooligans took turns until the light came from where it hid

And like nothing happened was how they acted
There was no King

In Israel they did everything 

To which they had a right feeling
But there is a way that seems

With rays of light to beam

In our wisodm it shines and gleams

So right, it seems

But in the end it’s death’s weaved

Web and darkened night dream
There is no King

In Israel, we do everything 

To which we have a right feeling
We reject Him

And instead of “It is written”

It’s “It’s my thinking”

Tradition and opinion

Taking no heed to His inscription

On our hearts that He seeks written

His law of liberation

We seek to make a contradiction 

Or heavy contraption
There is no King

And His Spirit is withdrawing

You don’t have to look long to see this thing

The human is gone in humanity

Founded, not in The Rock, but in san’

In san’ity

Because we gave in to greed and vanity

More selfies than greens in a can of peas

And the Spirit’s rain won’t go passed the canopy

Truly, all is vanity
There is no King

In Israel, we do everything 

To which we have a right feeling
And yet, He is still calling

For men and women

Who though the heavens are falling 

Stay true to His calling

As the compass needle is to North poling
There is no King

But to those who are willing

By earnest petitioning 

Ask for His outpouring 

He gives graciously and willing 

Along with peace beyond understanding 

Patience that goes beyond waiting

Greatness in gentleness’ foundation

Courage beyond weapon wielding

And a faith beyond explaining

A love that goes past kings

And has as it’s origin 

There is no king

But the King of kings

We need Him.

My Heart, Your Entertainment 

As I stand

Behind this pulpit and

Bounce back and

Forth like a rubber band

Waving my hands

Hoping on some heart this fire will land 
For He put a word

In my heart it stirred

Ablaze it burned

Just waiting to be heard

Like the song of a preying bird
And when I sat on it

I tossed and turned 

Coz I knew when they learned

Of this word

It would be spurned

Away from it their ears turned
But to make it worse

Is the smile first

With lips pursed 

And curled in a smile

“Thank you. The truth hasn’t been preached in a while.”

“Thank you for making our hearts burn wild.”

“We thank God, my child” 

The real conversation all the while:
“You were magnificent 

I feel washed and innocent 

You were so eloquent.

But passed feeling didn’t make a dent

Our lives are not changed

We just rearrange


“But God wants to restore, replace.
Will we now turn to God?” I ask,

Now that I preached my heart passed

My throat and somewhere behind the 2nd pew is where I last

Saw it and for the Spirit I asked

And laid down His promises, iron cast


His Word sunk into the heart to erase the sin past

Grace shaping your present as

He makes you a new creature at last

The changed life compared, future and past

The difference being vast
The evil, envy and strife

Replaced with patience, love and life
Will we now turn to God?”
“No, thank you.

But we will definitely be in the pew

The next time you come through.”
And they walk away 

And there goes another day

And this fire is still at play

In my heart it lays
Only quenched when I lay

His word on display 

Offering the last call of mercy

Only for this fire to be replaced

With a yearning its place

“When will these souls do an about face?

And see the matchless grace?”
But I have not been called away

It is on to the next day

On my heart, His word He lays

Sweet fire burning in me

Strength given for that day
And to seek the souls for who this is meant

Like the burning bush, not burned, my heart is sent

My heart ablaze is your spirit’s entertainment. 

Fireworks today

Tomorrow faded

What is Sin 

*This could end up being a growing poem*
Death is the wages of sin

But what is sin
From some I get the sense

That I am a sin by my very existence

Is this true in this instance
For all have sinned

Does that mean I am destined

To fall short of salvation

Born in

Sin and in

Iniquity shapen

Not my fault then

That I have bin

Faultily equippen
Sin is transgression

Against the law of God steppin

Under our feet tramplin

Walking our own way knowing

The will of God is calling

Is not temptation

But temptation meets its expectation

Thought through and not met with elimination

Allowed a dwelling

Then it becomes sin

Not always an outward action

Which is the scary thing

Every sin starts from within
Whoever looks on a woman

In lust has sinned

Whoever has a neighbour and contniues to hate him

He is cherishing sin

Lack of opportunity may not allow the situation

But in

The heart it is committed
So what hope is there

Because in front of God we are all laid bare

Under His holy stare

For me, what hope is there
The hope is in

The power of God to save from sin

That though of death we are deserving

Christ lived a selfsless life of serving

Form the law not swerving

And finally our sins taking

On the cross bearing

And the separation tearing

That we may in His righteousness have a sharing
Though all have sinned

We are all destined a victory to win

Over sin

Through Him

Who for love gave in

His own life laying

Down to gather us up

Drinking from wrath’s cup

So that at the Lamb’s supper we may sup
Not only do we get pardon

But set in

The path to overcome sin

Ths is not renovation


Is Transformation

From sin, a renewing

A new heart creation

Not a feeling

Whooping and fleeting


But a surrendering 


Daily from a heart of contrtion


Our helpless mission

Of selfish ambition
For Jesus did not overcome

Because He was His Son

Then what risk would He have run

And why would satan

Bother with his temptations

Jesus wants us to overcome

As He had done

Every weapon

He had is offered to His daughters and sons

This is a battle already won

If we stick to “It is written”
The way Jesus overcame sin

Is the same way we overcome when born again

By constantly submitting

Living not my will but His
So what is sin

It is trangression

Knowing right and choosing

Not to walk therein

So the more light shone in 

The more from you we’re expecting

Like an adult compared to children

And choosing ignorance is light rejecting
We are not a walking sin

Sin by existence

Being the sons of Adam

But when we are drawn away by temptation

Then we sin
But if we stumble and do sin

He stands in

If by faith we come to Him

In humble confession

He’s faithful and just to cleanse us from sin

And righteousness He clothes us in
There is not sin


There is just sin

One and the same

Poor, miserable, decrepid

And by faith in Jesus’s sacrifice

We have life

By faith in His life

And looking to Him

We are overcoming

He didn’t just forgive her and say

“Go and sin…”

He put “…no more” in the end