No Father

No father

Wants their daughter

To become a pornstar

And yet its a

Billion dolla

No father

Wants their son

To on the run

From law and detention

Yet what’s going on

So many felons

There’s no space in prison
No father

Wants their daughter

To be the seducer

Or tempter

Or be who the rapper


When he says he’s in love with a stripper

Yet these poled joints

Could be emptier
No father

Wants their son

To be a liar

A killer

An innocent blood spiller

The corner drug dealer

But these pavements could be no filler

Of screaming blood, fit to be a spine chiller
No father

So why are we here

Shuddering in fear

Holding back tears

As the world steers

Into the grave’s rear
So many things

No father would want for their child

Are now mundane and mild
Because no father

No matter

How good of a father

Can make the choices of his daughter
No father

No matter 

How just

Can force his son’s trust
No father

That doesn’t mean

That I can makes sense of sin

But you can’t deny

We make choices day out and in

From the words we are saying

To the top you are wearing

And no father is making

That choice for you
We can’t deny

There is an enemy


We are far from the ideal

But to this I appeal

The cross of Christ

Shows we can decide


The incline

Against the choice to do right

To sooner die

Than commit a crime


The heart of Our Father
Lest I be misunderstood

To be making excuse

I will speak no farther


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