These Are The Arms 

These are the are arms

That carried me

When I was to small to see

And later to proud to see

She shielded me

Literally with her own body

And later with her mercy
These are the arms

That steered me right

With her heart wrapped round her might 

So I now see the height

Of her love when she did smite

It hurt her heart before it gave my cheek a bite 
These are the arms

That moved to the sweet humming voice

As she made the meal of choice

And it seemed the meal picked the noise

And love was knit into the meal

By hymn and song, you know the deal

Table set your, appetite you feel

Nothing like a home cooked meal
These are the arms

That had the magic touch

Knee scrapes and such

Would lose their sting

Even though she told us not to do such a thing
These are the arms

That wave good-bye

And I get something in my eye 
These are the arms

That welcome me back

Even when I look like something dragged in by the cat
These are the arms

I commit to God

To stand by her as her head she nods

To sleep, to sleep

Like she said to us when we were her little brooding heap
These are the arms

And I thank God 

That these are the arms

That raised me

Who else’s son I rather be

Here now and in eternity

For God did not just make Mummy 

To be 

The laugh of melody

Here alone you see
He made that laugh so heavenly

Because that’s where He wants you and me


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